QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum: Warehouse Management App – Advantages and Limitations

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an intelligent, end-to-end accounting software suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. When compared to other editions, QuickBooks Enterprise leads with the most advanced capabilities and easy-to-use interface. Designed for professionals hailing from a non-accounting background, QuickBooks Enterprise is useful for all types of accounting and bookkeeping needs. The software offers a vast range of features and comes in different variants, including QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum with access to the warehouse management app.

Warehouse Management App for QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum introduces new features to help your business manage receipts and expense reports while continuing to enhance productivity with its innovative inventory and receipt management app. The QuickBooks Desktop Inventory and Receipt Management app is an Android app and available on the Google Play Store for free to download. It helps you save time by simplifying receipt tracking and using automation for expense entries. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and limitations of this app.

What Are the Advantages of the Warehouse Management App?

  • The QuickBooks Desktop Inventory and Receipt Management app allow you to capture and upload receipts to expense entries. You can scan photos of your receipts and send them to QuickBooks in a blink of an eye.
  • With dependable receipt capture, data extraction, and storage, the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app helps your business work with a minimal workforce.
  • It saves you time while preventing issues such as losing receipts.
  • The app helps you simplify processes such as Pick, Pack, Ship, and Cycle Count by reducing paperwork and human errors. It also ensures that your office and warehouse remain on the same page.
  • Using the warehouse management Android app to capture receipt data, you can automatically generate and categorize expense transactions in QuickBooks.
  • The app enables you to organize receipts better so that you can use these receipts while preparing tax sheets effectively.
  • The inventory management features of the app enable effective product management and inventory planning, thereby making shipping, receiving, and order fulfillment easier.
  • You can use a mobile device to provide Pick and Pack storehouse updates in real-time for tracking order fulfillment progress. It enables you to send picked and partially picked orders for packing.
  • The warehouse management app comes with an Express Pick-Pack feature that helps you save time with consolidated Picker and Packer roles, actions, and approvals.
  • The Enterprise Platinum app for Android helps you manage inventory by updating packing information, including packages per order, weight, and dimension – all from your smartphone.
  • The warehouse management app also gives you the ability to scan and upload inventory counts from various warehouses to a unified dashboard.

What Are the Limitations of the Warehouse Management App?

  • Advanced inventory management features are available for Enterprise Platinum 2019 and newer users only.
  • You cannot scan a random product and get details about its count, pending orders, etc., directly from the app. You are required to initiate an action from QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The app doesn’t allow you to print shipping labels or packing slips.
  • You are not allowed to make changes to a sales order or Pick/Pack action.
  • You cannot use the app to initiate invoice creation, new sales orders, cycle counts, or item receipts as initiating all these processes needs the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • You cannot skip to the Packed or Shipped status if the original action is Pick.
  • The Enterprise Platinum warehouse management app has a password protection feature for the app itself but doesn’t have a feature to separate different warehouse users. This can allow one warehouse user to log in as another warehouse user and pick an action.
  • The app doesn’t give you the ability to choose the lot number while picking, packing, or receiving an item. All lot number entries must be made using QuickBooks software and not the app.
  • The app doesn’t provide an alert if you pick an out-of-stock item. However, you are notified in the desktop software.

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