QuickBooks is Unable to Send Email to Outlook: How to Fix the Error?

Using QuickBooks along with Outlook is simple. It is seamless and hassle-free most of the time. However, the integration between Outlook and QuickBooks can throw up some errors which may disrupt the smooth functioning of your operations.

One such error is: “QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook. Close any open Outlook windows and try again.”

Where can the error occur?

The error can occur in any of the systems: All QuickBooks editions including QuickBooks Pro, Pro, or Enterprise on versions including QuickBooks 2020, QuickBooks 2019, QuickBooks 2018, QuickBooks 2016, QuickBooks 2015. The systems that can be affected are Office 365, Outlook 2016, or Outlook 2013.

quickbooks outlook error
The error shows up when the settings are not correct. It can be resolved once the device settings are calibrated properly. There is major nothing of concern here. You can use multiple solutions to solve this error. Let us look at each scenario and the solution for the same:

Outlook as the default email

You must verify if Outlook is your default email program of the device. Press the Windows key and go to the ‘Run’ tab and select ‘Default programs’. The exact name would vary in different Windows versions but ensure you have selected Outlook as the default option for emails. In Windows 10, the default option is Outlook anyway. Once you have selected Outlook as the default email option, close Outlook, and QuickBooks once. Launch QuickBooks and check if the problem persists.

Check QuickBooks system requirements and its compatibility with Outlook

Make sure that both QuickBooks and Outlook in your computer are compatible with each other. Check if your Microsoft Office is compatible with the system requirements of your QuickBooks version. It is possible that one of the applications may be outdated which may make it incompatible with the 64-bit version of its counterpart. You can install the same bit version (32 or 64) for both applications and verify if it works.

Keep your Outlook updated

If there are recent updates on Outlook and you are using it without updates, the function responsible for QuickBooks integration may have become redundant. You can update your Outlook to check if the error goes away after the upgrade. Update to the recent release version.

Microsoft Outlook > File > Office Account> About Outlook > Update Options > Update Now

Check if the error has been rectified once you have updated the Outlook version.

Outlook in QB preference

There might also be an issue within the QuickBooks email setting itself. If you have not selected Outlook as the preference in the “Send Email Using” tab, it can be the reason to show the said error. Set Outlook in the QB Preference tab.

QuickBooks > Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences > Web Mail (not Outlook) > Ok

All the existing tabs will be closed. Now follow the same path but instead of Web Mail, select Outlook this time.

QuickBooks > Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences > Outlook > Ok

Send an email to verify the resolution of the issue.

Enable Windows MAPI files

To enable MAPI extensions for QuickBooks, Press the Windows Key or click the Windows logo at the bottom left of your taskbar. Type in C:\Windows and press enter

Type C:\Windows after clicking the Windows key. Search for win.ini file and verify if the following entry is present:


If the entry is not proper, make it exactly as is given above. Sometimes [MAIL] entry is not present. Add the missing entry and save the file. Restart your computer and verify if the error is resolved.

If you are not able to find the MAPI file, you may not have the extensions required for enabling MAPI files. In some cases, you must have administrator credentials to continue with the process.

Upgrade Office/QuickBooks software

Just like the Outlook upgrade, you must also check if there are updates with QuickBooks. Uninstall the existing QuickBooks but write down your product and license code before uninstalling. Reinstall the QuickBooks with the original packaging of the product. Similarly, you may want to check the reinstalling Office as it could be also the reason for the error.

Get help with QuickBooks installation with Office 365

Though it looks very easy, installing QuickBooks with Office 365 can be quite complex. We have a better solution. Why not host QuickBooks on a cloud desktop with Office 365 installed on the same desktop? We will help you setup Office 365 with QuickBooks, and troubleshoot all errors that may arise. Apps4Rent is a QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) and a Tier 1 CSP for Office 365. We are available round-the-clock via phone, chat, and email. Contact our experts now!

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