What Is QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus?

QuickBooks is popular in the field of accounting and booking for its vast features and benefits. While most modern accountants have already made a shift toward QuickBooks to meet their accounting needs, many others are thinking about how their books can be taken to QuickBooks safely. There are multiple versions of QuickBooks available to suit different business sizes and types. QuickBooks Desktop Pro is one of those versions and is preferred by accountants who need advanced features. QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus is a variant of the Pro version. Let us first discuss what’s QuickBooks Desktop Pro, and then we will cover what’s different in the Pro Plus version and how it matters.

What Is QuickBooks Desktop Pro?

QuickBooks Pro is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses track their financial transactions and keep their accounts organized. Purchasing a QuickBooks license can enable you to operate the software on your computer. You can purchase the license from a QuickBooks software provider or add a license to your QuickBooks software.

What Are the Essential Features of the QuickBooks Pro Version?

  1. Inventory Management – QuickBooks Desktop Pro allows you to keep the inventory under check. It sends you alerts when you are low on inventory, enabling you to have the backups ready.
  2. Sales Tax Management – The Pro version allows you to track the sales tax for the entire month. It lets you view detailed reports with the taxable and non-taxable amount for a Tax Authority. QuickBooks Pro also provides you with a table that displays the actual tax collected throughout the month.
  3. Ability to Create Invoices – QuickBooks Desktop Pro allows you to create invoices for goods, services, and expenses. It automatically sends alerts for outstanding payments.
  4. Accounts Payable Tracking – With QuickBooks Pro, users can track unpaid bills from vendors to better manage payments and maintain cash flow.
  5. Tracking of Financial Transactions – QuickBooks Pro allows you to track financial transactions such as income and expenses. It also lets you import entries that you have previously made using other software such as Excel.

What Is QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, and How Is It Different than Pro?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus is the same as Desktop Pro, with a difference that you pay annually and enjoy added benefits such as regular upgrades, daily data backup, and 24/7 support. Unlike the Pro version, the Pro Plus version will receive unlimited upgrades as the new versions are released. However, as the QuickBooks Pro Plus is a subscription-based service, you will lose access to your books if you stop paying for the software.

Who Are the Perfect Candidates for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus?

The ideal candidates for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus are all small and mid-sized businesses that require the entire range of the features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro with additional benefits such as daily backup of their data, 24/7 customer support, and ongoing updates. QuickBooks Pro is a suitable solution if you want to use the software for a longer period with a one-time payment. On the other hand, Pro Plus can be your choice if your budget allows you to invest annually for the add-on features.

Does QuickBooks Pro Plus Include Hosting?

Today, a software solution’s maximum benefits depend on whether it is available across all devices and if it allows multi-user access. Unfortunately, the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus package requires local resources for installation and use. It can be used from the same computer where it is installed. It doesn’t include any features to allow you to access your files online. If mobility is an essential feature for your business, hosting QuickBooks on a remote desktop can be the best solution.

Fill the Gap Between the Software and Your Requirements with Apps4Rent

Both QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus have the potential to help you manage your accounts efficiently. The significant part is that neither of the products lets you access your files through the internet. If you want to make your books available from the office, home, or even on-the-go, QuickBooks hosting by Apps4Rent can help. We are Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Host and ensure you get 24/7 support and secure data backup on a daily basis, even if you decide to stick with your Pro version. Contact our hosting experts via phone, chat, or email for hosting plan inquiries.

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