What Is New and Improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

Intuit, the developer and publisher of QuickBooks accounting solutions, is popular among small and mid-sized businesses for offering state-of-the-art tools to solve their accounting and bookkeeping needs. It has incredibly improved its services in the past few years by adding new features and tailoring QuickBooks as per the customer’s requirements. Each year, Intuit introduces a new version with improved features to further simplify accounting and bookkeeping. QuickBooks Desktop 2021 is a recent addition to the QuickBooks product line. This article presents a summary of the new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop.

Top 6 Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

  • Ability to Send Statements Automatically

    QuickBooks Desktop 2021 offers new capabilities to help you receive payments timely and effortlessly. With automated statements, you can schedule statements for your customers or remind them that they have invoices to be paid.

  • Receipt Management

    QuickBooks now allows you to manage expense receipts more easily and efficiently. With the new receipt management feature, you can enter receipts into QuickBooks Desktop directly from your computer or even using the mobile app on Android and iOS devices. The 2021 version reads the information from PDF or image files and matches it with an existing transaction. The match is then presented to you for review and approval.

  • Templates Customization

    The new features of QuickBooks include the ability to use and customize templates for forms such as invoices, statements, estimates, sales receipts, and purchase orders. You can customize these form templates to control how they look and what fields they include.

  • Record Level Permission

    QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 has a new feature called data level permission that allows restricted access to users and roles you create as an admin. This enables you to create users and roles with limited access permissions at a record level for customers and vendors. With this feature, you can enable users to access specific areas of QuickBooks, depending on their job role.

  • Ability to Create Groups for Customers and Vendors

    Creating groups for customers and vendors allows you to find customers and vendors based on criteria such as location, type, or customer status. You can use these customer and vendor groups for various purposes, such as creating automated statements, sending payment reminders, or creating mailings lists. The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise edition also allows you to use these groups for giving users permissions and access at the customer or vendor group level.

  • Advanced Features for Bank Feeds

    QuickBooks Desktop provides you three different bank feed modes that display and handle transactions in your bank feeds differently. These modes allow you to add and match bank feed transactions in your QuickBooks application. QuickBooks looks for check numbers, date, amount, and the name of the person who made the payment while making a match. This feature enables you to review your bank feed, match new transactions with the existing ones in your records, or quickly add new ones.

Switch to QuickBooks Desktop 2021 with Apps4Rent

Though the features mentioned in this article are the most critical for eliminating complexities involved in accounting and enhancing business productivity, there is much more QuickBooks Desktop can offer. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud further enhances its capabilities by making it securely accessible across a wide range of devices from anywhere. Apps4Rent is an Intuit Authorized Host for QuickBooks Desktop and can help you deploy and manage your application. We provide 24/7 support to ensure successful deployments and migrations. Contact Apps4Rent consultants today via phone, chat, or email for hosting plans inquiries.

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