OBS vs Mirillis Action! – Which Software is Better?

Recording gaming adventures on the screen and streaming them right away is what most gamers have on their to-do lists. Many game recording software applications allow you to capture your screen and broadcast it in real-time. While current game recording and live streaming systems sound appealing, deciding on the best system takes a broad discussion about their features, benefits, and limitations. In this article, we will compare two such popular systems – OBS Studio and Action!. Both programs allow you to record, edit, and stream videos and events. However, they differ on many fronts. Let’s have a look.

What is OBS Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, or simply OBS Studio, is an open-source software application that allows recording and live-streaming events. It offers unlimited screens that users can switch in between as per the requirement. It also provides options for video and audio mixing, color correction, and noise reduction. This application supports Windows, Mac, and even Linux. As you would expect, OBS allows you to broadcast your videos on all the major players such as YouTube, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Live, and Twitch.

Why Use OBS Studio?

OBS is a lightweight open-source system to record real-time gameplay. It allows capturing 1080p videos, which is something great from a free system. The videos you capture are always rendered at Full HD resolution. It also allows you to record 720p videos at 60 FPS if you do not want to upload high-resolution videos. You get multiple options to manage the quality of the videos that are being live steamed. The great OBS community is a bonus for users as they can ask for help whenever they hit a snag or when they need some awesome plugins, filters, and effects.

What is Action!?

Action! is a screen recorder that allows live streaming of Windows desktop in a superb HD quality. Action! allows recording and streaming of gameplay, web player videos, and music. It also lets you capture screenshots, record music, add webcams, mix microphone commentary, and more. For using all the features of Action!, you will have to purchase it. However, the free version lets you use its features for 30 days while adding a watermark on the output.

Why Use Action!?

Action! game recording software can capture 4k videos. It also allows you to record videos in 1080p and 720p resolutions. This software doesn’t support all operating systems, making it useful only for the users who are having a windows machine. The videos can be rendered at HD quality. It has simple settings to give you maximum control over your recording and live streaming experience. You can smoothly navigate between different features of Action! as the majority of useful controls are offered through a single toolbar.

Is Action! Better than OBS?

OBS is free to use and compatible with all types of systems, while Action! can be used with only Windows systems. The zero cost and amazing OBS community make OBS studio perfect for video broadcasters and gaming enthusiasts. Action! charges for its use and allows 30 days of a free trial if you don’t mind a watermark on the videos. With 4k quality videos, Action! promises amazing video experience but takes a considerable share of your CPU resources while OBS is a lightweight program. Both OBS Studio and Action! are powerful applications and give each other a tough competition. Your specific requirements and budget may play a role in deciding on which software you should use.

Apps4Rent Can Host OBS Studio and Action! on Virtual Desktops

On the one hand, we have resource-intensive Action! that helps you create 4k videos, but only if you pay for its use. On the other hand, we have lightweight OBS Studio that creates Full HD videos, supports all systems, has a robust online community, and comes for free. A close look at their pros and cons can help you decide which is one is better for you. If you want to get a uniform experience across various devices like mobiles, tablets, and an average personal computer, you can choose to host your applications on a virtual desktop. Apps4Rent offers dedicated OBS hosting plans at incredible prices. We can also host Action! PC game recorder in our top-tier data centers and on Azure. Get in touch with our support team available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.


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