How to Use OBS Studio Multiview?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio provides a full gamut of features for video creators, enabling them to produce high-quality content for online publishing and broadcasting. Multiview is one such feature that helps video broadcasters create a highly professional viewing experience for the worldwide audience. Are you wondering how Multiview works and how to incorporate it into your next project? This blog will walk you through the OBS Studio settings to reach this feature and will discuss the real-life use cases where it can be very useful.

How Does Multiview Work?

Multiview allows video broadcasters and live streamers to create a managed video matrix in a movable window or full screen of OBS Studio. OBS Studio can display a full-screen preview of a single video source and a grid view of multiple sources. The Multiview display can be set up inside a movable and resizable window. You can also choose to output it on the full screen of a dedicated monitor. The Multiview feature is ideal for video producers and camera operators as it provides a quick view of all the available sources during a live streaming session.

How to Access the Multiview Feature?

The Multiview tabs are provided in the top OBS menu bar under the View option. The OBS settings allow you to view a multi-screen output of all your current sources in OBS Studio on the full screen or in a resizable window. The full-screen option is better for systems where there are multiple monitors, and the video production team consists of two or more people. For a system with a single monitor, using the Multiview feature inside a resizable window can a better option as the window can be placed in any portion of the screen.

What Use Cases Does Multiview Solve?

The OBS Studio Multiview feature is an ideal solution for live video production environments where a user wants to set up multiple scenes using multiple cameras as the sources. This feature provides you with a high-level view of your production and allows you to monitor different scenes in a single view. Multiview is a professional tool that you can use for cueing or transitioning to a specific scene of your production with a single or double click. It can help you use OBS Studio for live streaming music concerts, news bulletins, and video podcasts where you need to capture multiple scenes simultaneously or the same scenes from different angles.

Is OBS Studio Multiview Easy to Use?

The high-level view of your production helps you arrange and prioritize your scenes. OBS Studio allows you to set up hotkeys for Multiview and switch between the scenes with a single or double click. The use of OBS Studio and all its features further gets easier with cloud hosting. The cloud infrastructure allows you to access your software on all types of devices like a computer, laptop, tablet, and even a smartphone. It lets you create and broadcast high-definition videos from anywhere. Cloud resources also improve the performance and stability of your OBS Studio.

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