SAP Concur Vs QuickBooks – Which Software Manages Your Expenses Better?

SAP Concur is a powerful tool for managing all your traveling needs and expenses, whereas QuickBooks is an accounting and financial management software. While both programs offer a wide range of features for expense management in common, they are designed to meet different use cases. If you are a small or medium business and having a tough time deciding which software to settle for, a comparison between them can certainly help. In this article, we will help you determine whether SAP Concur or QuickBooks can be a more profitable choice for your organization.

What Are the Key Features of Concur?

Concur is a convenient solution for managing travel and expenses. It can help you and your employees book domestic and international flights, and make hotel, railway, and rental car reservations. The software can be used on desktop computers as well as mobile phones using an internet browser. With the travel and expense reporting integration, SAP Concur enables you to automatically import all itineraries and credit card charges. The software helps businesses solve many travel and expense challenges with features for automating expenses from receipt to reimbursement, proactively managing spend with AP (accounts payable) automation, and capturing every booking,

What Are the Key Features of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks helps you track and manage the inbound and outbound flow of funds into your accounts. It enables you to keep your books organized and your accounts compliant. The software provides features for invoicing, billing, income and expense management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, banking, inventory tracking, tax preparation, e-filing, and much more. QuickBooks fits the requirements of all types of businesses irrespective of their type and size. With industry-specific editions, QuickBooks also benefits enterprise-level businesses operating in a particular niche.

SAP Concur Vs QuickBooks – What Is the Difference?

SAP Concur is primarily classified as an expense management solution and QuickBooks as an accounting solution. Businesses that require their employees to travel frequently can deploy Concur and keep track of all their expenses. It has a limited feature-set with most features revolving around invoice management and reimbursement. On the other hand, QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting solution for small, medium, as well as large businesses. It can track every single transaction, be it about income or expense. You can track all the transactions that you make with your customers, vendors, employees, and banks. Another difference between Concur and QuickBooks is that Concur is a browser-based service whereas QuickBooks is a desktop application and can be hosted in the cloud for online availability.

How to Choose Between Concur and QuickBooks?

QuickBooks offers many features unavailable in Concur, including but not limited to, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory tracking, tax planning, and warehouse activity management. The unique features of both software applications can help you easily decide which software your organization needs. It is important to note that, QuickBooks also offers various integrations including SAP Concur. You can install the SAP Concur app by visiting the QuickBooks Apps store or use the QuickBooks integration offered by SAP Concur to use the features of both software in a combination.

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