Top 12 Features of Open Broadcaster Software Studio

OBS Studio is robust yet free software with luxurious features that we often find in premium software applications. It is primarily used for screen capture, video recording, live streaming, and visual mixing. OBS attempts to provide a fully functional video production studio to users for creating high-definition videos. This article will bring focus on the top 12 features of Open Broadcaster Software Studio that have defined the standards in video production and live streaming.

What is Open Broadcaster Software Studio?

OBS Studio is an open-source program and can make way for endless possibilities with its support for various systems, native and third-party plugins, software extensions, and individual applications. It is freeware, which means you can use all its features without paying for its subscription. It can be configured on all Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems. OBS Studio facilitates video creators, live streamers, and keen gamers by offering efficient tools for video production and real-time editing.

Top 12 Features of OBS Studio

  1. Screen Capture

    OBS Studio allows you to capture your screen in HD quality and stream it right away. This feature helps you share your screen with viewers right when you want to show them the activities happening on your screen. The screen capture feature also allows gamers to share their adventures with the world.

  2. Video Recording

    OBS Studio allows you to record videos without any frustrating time limit, enabling you to capture hours of activities. OBS Studio accepts webcam as a video source and microphone as an audio source.

  3. Video Broadcasting

    OBS Studio gives you options to stream videos in real-time. Though OBS Studio is 100% free, it provides vital features to make online broadcasting distinctive. Above all, the software supports live streaming on multiple platforms, including Facebook Live, Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube, and more.

  4. Neat and Clean Interface

    OBS Studio boasts of a clean interface to offer unparalleled ease of use. Apart from that, the simplicity of the interface provides multiple settings to help you configure all major aspects of your live streams with ease. Modular Dock UI lets you rearrange the layout as your wish, allowing you to pop out each Dock to its window.

  5. Freedom to Set Hotkeys

    OBS allows setting up hotkeys to enable you to navigate smoothly across features. You can set hotkeys for almost all types of actions, including switching between the scenes, starting or stopping recording and live streaming, muting audio inputs, push to talk, and more.

  6. Ability to Manage Quality

    OBS Studio allows you to decide the video capture quality. You can set the resolution of your choice or can go by the default resolution of your monitor. Similarly, you can select the number of frames per second (fps) at your convenience. With real-time screen capture and audio-visual mixing, OBS Studio helps you create high-quality content.

  7. Branding and Personalization Options

    OBS Studio doesn’t add a watermark to your videos. Moreover, it allows you to add text and logo to the live videos with ease. You can try different recording and live streaming options to align videos with your personality and brand.

  8. Intuitive Audio Mixer

    You can choose among the surround sound, multilanguage, multichannel, and single-channel streaming options. Using these features, you can enable live translation and broadcast a single video in multiple languages. OBS offers an intuitive audio mixer with separate filters for each source. These filters include a noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.

  9. Powerful Configuration Options

    The live streaming application provides configuration options for adding new sources, duplicating existing ones, and managing their properties without a hint of discomfort. It accepts input from multiple sources such as window captures, images, text, webcams, capture cards, microphones, and more.

  10. Unlimited Number of Scenes

    OBS Studio allows you to set up as many scenes as you want and switch between the scenes seamlessly via custom transitions.

  11. High-Level View of your Production

    Obtain a high-level view of your production using the Multiview feature. OBS Studio allows you to monitor up to 8 different scenes concurrently and cue or transition to each one of them with hardly a single or double click. Studio Mode enables you to preview your scenes and sources before you push them live. You can manage your scenes and sources to ensure they are in line with your expectations before your viewers get to see them.

  12. Scope for Collaboration

    Being an open-source program, OBS Studio collaborates with other applications and plugins creatively, allowing you to enhance its functionalities and performance.

Are you Using your OBS Studio to its Maximum Potential?

The top 12 features we discussed in this article are just a vital piece of a bigger picture. OBS Studio offers you capabilities that can easily rival the pricier tools. If you wish to reach OBS Studio’s maximum potential, hosting it in the cloud can be a perfect choice. Apps4Rent offers affordable OBS hosting plans so you can use all its features without thinking twice about the limited resources of your local machine. Contact our OBS hosting experts available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plans inquiries.


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