Llama 3 vs Llama 2

Llama 3 was released as Meta’s newest AI model. It has made some significant improvements over Llama 2, including a more widespread release. Llama 3 has officially been integrated into Meta applications like Instagram and Facebook. Users can now use the chatbot when inside the application to answer questions and generate responses.

This new feature is powered by Llama 3 and has already become extremely popular with regular users. Now people can access the chatbot inside Meta applications without having to open a separate browser.

Many users are curious about the improvements that have been made to Llama 3 compared to the previous version. This article will cover everything you need to know about Llama 3 and how it compares to Llama 2.

Llama 3 vs Llama 2: Performance

In terms of performance, Llama 3 has made some big improvements compared to Llama 2. Llama 3 8B contains 8 billion parameters and Llama 3 70B contains 70 billion parameters. Both can be considered big leaps in performance when compared to Llama 2 due to the training Llama 3 received using custom-built 24,000 GPU clusters.

Llama 2 was met with some criticism over its performance when compared with other popular AI models like OpenAI or Anthropic. These issues have seemingly been resolved in Llama 3 which sees a major boost in performance.

Llama 3 vs Llama 2: Metrics

There are three important metrics that AI models aim to score high on. These are MMLU, ARC, and DROP. Llama 3 scores much higher than Llama 2 using these metrics, indicating a higher level of performance.

MMLU measures the knowledge of an AI model, ARC measures the level of skill acquisition, and DROP tests reasoning. Llama 3 has been shown to not only best Llama 2 in these metrics but also in other popular AI models like Mistal 7B and Gemma 7B.

Llama 3 also has superior scores compared to Llama 2 in chemistry-related questioning, code generation, and mathematics. It is not surprising that Meta’s newest version of Llama has made such drastic improvements, considering the fast pace that AI development is seeing.

Llama 3 vs Llama 2: Data Training

Llama 3 was trained using a tokenizer to encode languages. Meta has stated that they trained Llama 3 using sequences of 8,192 and were trained on over 15T tokens that were available from public sources. This training dataset is estimated to be around seven times larger than that used by Llama 2.

This means that Llama 3 is a much more capable AI model than Llama 2. Being trained on such a large dataset ensures that Llama 3 can respond to a wider variety of queries and user prompts.

Llama 3 was also trained using a more robust collection of non-English data covering over 30 languages. This means that Llama 3 is much more equipped for use by non-English speakers than Llama 2.

Llama 3 vs Llama 2: Usability

Llama 3 has been fully integrated into Meta applications like Instagram and Facebook. Llama 2 was not available for use in this way, making it far less useable than the current version.

With Llama 3, any user of Instagram or Facebook can use the powerful new AI as a chatbot to answer questions and user prompts. It functions similarly to other AI chatbots where users can ask questions or input requests and have the AI generate a response.

Users who choose to utilize the chatbot powered by Llama 3 will help to further train the AI model based on real-world use. Due to the way that Llama 3 is integrated into the applications, it cannot be disabled by the user currently.

This is a game-changing feature to be added to the already popular social media platforms. With this full integration, Meta is ensuring they make their mark in the world of AI.

Llama 3 vs Llama 2: Comparison Table

FEATURE Llama 3 Llama 2
Number of Parameters 8B, 70B 70B, 13B, 7B
Training Data 15T tokens 2.2T tokens
Context Length 8192 tokens 4096 tokens
Attention Mechanism Grouped-query attention Grouped-query attention
Fine-Tuned Models Yes Yes
Performance Better than Llama 2 on all benchmarks Better than Llama 1 on most benchmarks
Computational Requirements Very high (70B model) Very high (70B model)
Availability Open source Open source
Reinforcement learning from human feedback Yes Yes
Number of languages supported 30 languages 20 languages
Suitable for Best for more demanding tasks, such as reasoning, coding, and proficiency tests Good for more demanding tasks, such as reasoning, coding, and proficiency tests

Llama 3 vs Llama 2: Which Is Better?

There is no question that Llama 3 has made some drastic improvements to performance since the previous version, Llama 2.

This is to be expected as Llama 3 is the AI model that Meta is now using to power Meta AI. To make this possible, Meta has to ensure that Llama 3 has superior task-handling capabilities so that it can answer queries and gather web data more effectively. This is a major update for Meta’s AI capabilities and one that has put it on the map with other popular AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

For those who want a first-hand look at Llama 3 in action, head over to Instagram to start chatting. The old search bar has been updated to house the chatbot where users can type queries to be answered by the chatbot powered by Llama 3.

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