Live Streaming Classes and Courses with OBS Studio

Live streaming classes and courses is a way to expand your classrooms to accommodate an online audience. It is a digital and sophisticated alternative to the conventional distance learning systems. Live streaming your classroom sessions allows you to reach people based at different locations using live streaming platforms to broadcast videos in real-time. Today, tools such as OBS Studio have provided live streamers with options to control every aspect of live streaming. Let’s discuss how OBS Studio has become one of the most significant contributors to online education systems.

Why OBS Studio Is a Perfect Solution for Conducting Online Classes?

The area of online learning is crossing borders and reaching students from across the world. Limited space in the classrooms prevents educational organizations from providing quality education to the growing number of students. Live streaming platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Twitch, have created a suitable environment for online learning but, without a live streaming tool, a lot remains on the wish lists of the educators. OBS Studio is a well-thought solution and ticks all the right boxes. The following benefits can provide a better idea of its capabilities.

  • Supports All Major Platforms

    OBS Studio can broadcast your events on various online learning platforms. It can record and stream HD quality videos, giving your audience a pleasant viewing experience. The software can be run on various systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Provides Multiple Visual-Mixing Features

    OBS Studio offers a vast range of settings options to adjust the appearance of your streams on the user’s screen. You can add text, logo, images, and audio files into your productions. With Studio Mode, you get a high-level view of your recordings. You can select which scene to send on the user’s screen at any given point during a live streaming session. Likewise, you can also try a number of audio effects.

  • Helps You Explain Points Efficiently

    OBS Studio lets you explain a complicated topic to your students by allowing you to screencast your desktop, insert PowerPoint presentations and broadcast your streams in multiple languages simultaneously. You can also invite guest lecturers from anywhere in the world to offer their expertise in a particular topic by integrating your OBS Studio with video collaboration tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

  • Saves Costs

    Organizing an online class or training session can be an inexpensive and simple process with OBS Studio. The software creates videos by collecting footage from your web camera and audio from your mic. The software comes for free and doesn’t require you to purchase additional accessories like capture cards, thereby saving a great deal of money.

  • Delivers Much More than Mere Videos

    OBS has a huge userbase that is noticeable through discussion forums and online help pages. You can connect to the OBS community to get help on various topics ranging from installation to going live. The community-created overlays, transition effects, and plugins are just the bonus.

Broadcast the Next Semester from Anywhere in the World

The performance of OBS Studio can be affected if the physical resources like the storage system and processing unit do not support its extensive use. Installing the software on your computer also restricts its use outside the same system. You can add the flexibility and scalability offered by the cloud to your OBS Studio by hosting it on a virtual desktop. Apps4Rent brings dedicated OBS hosting plans for OBS Studio’s top-notch performance. Hosting also allows you to access your software on all smartphones, tablets, and computers. Contact our cloud platform experts available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries and assistance.

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