How to Use 17hats with QuickBooks?

When customer relationship management (CRM) software is integrated with accounting software, it can streamline various business processes. For example, the 17hats to QuickBooks integration helps you better manage financial data associated with vendors, customers, and other stakeholders. While some versions of QuickBooks solutions allow direct data integration, some others do not. However, you can use your 17hats data with all versions of QuickBooks using different methods. Let’s learn more about these software applications and how to use them in conjunction.

What Is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting solution used by all types of businesses to track their financial transactions and other operations related to income and expenses. In addition, it helps you generate reports, issue invoices, prepare tax sheets, manage receipts, pay bills, and plan inventory. While QuickBooks product line includes both online as well as desktop solutions, the later ones are much more powerful with a vast range of advanced features. With the ability to store and process customer data, QuickBooks can work even as a CRM for many businesses.

What Is 17hats CRM?

17hats offers a unified platform to handle client communications, customer management, online payments, proposals, contracts, and more. Designed to assist small businesses and freelancers, 17hats simplifies tedious tasks with template customization and automation. Solopreneurs and small businesses use 17hats to organize their customer data for basic bookkeeping needs, easy decision-making, streamlining operations, and landing more clients.

What Are Your Options to Use 17hats with QuickBooks?

17hats is a web-based client management service that uses automation to streamline the entire business process. It provides small-scale businesses with tools to perform operations such as scheduling, payment, and collaboration. The software reduces the need for paper-work and repetitive tasks. It is a suitable platform for handling many clients. To use your records already saved in 17hats with QuickBooks, you can either integrate both the software programs or import your data from 17hats into QuickBooks.

How to Integrate 17hats with QuickBooks?

Where 17hats provides meaningful insights into customer data for a better understanding of customer behavior, purchasing patterns, and more, QuickBooks offers robust tools for growing accounting needs. However, these programs currently do not allow data exchange without the help of third-party applications. While it is possible to export invoices and other data from 17hats into QuickBooks, this is available only for QuickBooks Online.

How to Import your Bookkeeping Data from 17hats to QuickBooks?

Since some versions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks Desktop, do not allow integration between 17hats and themselves, you may have to import your bookkeeping data manually. Looking at the added benefits that these accounting solutions offer, it is worth putting in the effort. 17hats has recognized this necessity and now allows you to transfer your data into an Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) file, which can be imported into QuickBooks Desktop solutions without any inconvenience. It is as simple as exporting your data from 17hats into an IIF, saving it on your computer, and then importing it from your QuickBooks software.

Apps4Rent Helps You Host Your Accounting Solutions

CRMs open doors into customer insights and provide you tools to strengthen your relationship with your customers, making the customer journey seamless. On the other hand, QuickBooks accounting solutions help you track your income and expenses, manage budgets, conduct banking processes, and plan warehouse activities. Sooner or later, growing businesses identify QuickBooks Desktop as a savior solution for their continually increasing accounting requirements. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Partner, Apps4Rent helps you move your QuickBooks software in the cloud, enabling you to use it along with your favorite CRM tools. We offer QuickBooks hosting services with 24/7 assistance via phone, chat, and email. Feel free to contact us.

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