How to Live Stream to a WordPress Website with OBS Studio?

Do you have a WordPress website and wondering how to add live streaming videos to it? If yes, Open Broadcaster Software Studio is your best bet. OBS Studio is a powerful video broadcasting suite, and it competes with the most premium tools by offering a feature for a feature. As OBS Studio is an open-source program, it can be integrated with various plugins and used as a foundation or a platform for other software applications. This is the feature that makes it perfect for connecting with your WordPress website for video broadcasting.

What Are the Benefits of Connecting OBS Studio and WordPress?

Live videos have never been this popular. Viewers are getting used to watching candid videos produced by their favorite brands and content creators. Live streams provide you a medium to communicate with your audience in real-time. By connecting your WordPress website to OBS Studio, you can ensure that your website’s visitors get what they have visited your website for – be it information or entertainment. With OBS Studio, in addition to live streaming videos, you can broadcast recorded videos, the screen of your computer, or even the entire gameplay.

How OBS Studio and WordPress Complement Each Other?

Both OBS Studio and WordPress are open source, which makes way for integrations and modification of code for users to enjoy the full capabilities of the software and beyond. OBS Studio is free, and so is WordPress. They both allow tons of plugins, including those that establish integration between them. OBS Studio has a strong community of dedicated users to make sure the software stays stable, useful, and pairs up with WordPress without any hassle.

How to Connect OBS Studio with WordPress?

As OBS Studio and WordPress both have built-in features to integrate with third-party plugins, it is not difficult to bring them together. There are tons of plugins available on the internet that enable OBS Studio to broadcast videos on WordPress sites. The process involves downloading and installing a plugin in WordPress, following the wizard, copying the stream key, and pasting it in OBS Studio. This simple process ensures that OBS Studio outputs the content on WordPress in real-time.

How to Get the Best Performance Out of the Duo?

As OBS Studio offers a host of stunning features to create and live stream high-definition videos, your local resources might need an uplift to accommodate the rising needs. We have discussed how OBS Studio can be used along with WordPress until this point, but we will also have to consider the extended resource requirements. Hosting OBS Studio in the cloud delivers a lag-free performance even when its capabilities are enhanced by WordPress and third-party plugins.

How Apps4Rent Provides a Perfect Environment for Your Production Studio?

When OBS Studio is hosted locally, the only device that gives you access to OBS studio is the same computer where it is installed. If you need to use OBS Studio on your handheld devices or a low configuration computer as you use WordPress, hosting OBS on a virtual desktop can help. Apps4Rent offers dedicated OBS hosting plans so that you can focus on other areas of video creation and leave hosting to us. We can also host WordPress in our virtual machines running on our top-tier data centers and Azure. Contact Apps4Rent hosting experts, available 24/7 via phone calls, chat, and email for inquiries and assistance.


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