How to Live Stream on Reddit with OBS Studio?

If you scroll through Reddit, you can find someone live streaming tutorials, fun games, art creation, DIY guides, their daily activities, and more. Reddit has created a platform for streamers to showcase their talent and communicate with their audience. The live streaming service offered by Reddit is called Reddit Public Access Network and is abbreviated as RPAN. However, RPAN is an app-based live streaming service and has limited features for video quality enhancement and customization. Connecting Reddit live streams with OBS Studio can enable you to go live from your desktop and customize your videos as you want.

What Is OBS Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, commonly known as OBS Studio, is the favorite tool of many video creators. It allows you to record HD videos, capture your computer’s screen, and broadcast videos on various popular platforms in real-time. It is free to download and install on all Windows, Linux, or Mac computers. The software provides numerous customization options to help you live stream gameplay, live events, and pre-recorded videos. OBS Studio accepts your camera, microphone, and local audio, video, and image files as sources.

Why Use OBS Studio for Live Streaming on Reddit?

Using OBS Studio for live streaming on Reddit can allow you to use all OBS features, including Studio Mode, Multiview, and Surround Sound Streaming, to create rich quality videos. As many artists and digital creators are making a shift towards Reddit for live streaming, quality is the deciding factor for the viewers to watch your streams. As Reddit only allows limited airtime to every streamer, you can apply various filters, transition effects, multiple scenes, and music and text elements to make your viewers stay and give you awards to increase your airtime.

How to Integrate OBS Studio with RPAN?

OBS Studio has built-in features to send your content across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. However, its open-source nature enables it to pair up with other live streaming platforms without any inconvenience. Copying the stream key from your favorite platform and pasting it into the stream key bar in OBS Studio is all it takes for successful integration. For connecting OBS Studio to RPAN live streaming, Reddit offers an official integration called RPAN Studio. Using Reddit’s additional script, it is very easy to connect the PC software OBS Studio and go live on RPAN.

How to Enhance the Performance and Availability of OBS Studio?

Local infrastructure limitations deter the performance of your software. Also, when your software is installed locally, there isn’t enough scope for scaling to fit your requirements. If you want your OBS Studio to deliver outstanding performance, scale freely, and remain available on all your favorite devices, you can opt for a dedicated OBS hosting plan. Apps4Rent helps you host your software on a virtual desktop at an affordable cost. We also host your other software applications in our secure and reliable data centers and Azure. Contact us via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries today.

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