How to Integrate QuickBooks with Your Shopify Digital Storefront?

Do you sell products online using Shopify and track the financial health of your business using QuickBooks? If your answer to this question is yes, there is good news for you. Now you can focus more on growing your business and save a considerable amount of time that is otherwise wasted on dealing with numbers. This article will illustrate how you can integrate your Shopify account with QuickBooks and enjoy many benefits, including a higher comfort level in keeping track of your sales.

Can Shopify Work Better with QuickBooks?

While connecting your Shopify account with QuickBooks, you can choose what information QuickBooks can access and how frequently it can sync data from Shopify. All your customer data is linked to your orders and can be transferred into QuickBooks with a few clicks after we have connected it with Shopify. With Shopify-QuickBooks integration, you can ensure that QuickBooks receives up-to-date information about all your Shopify customers, making your business transactions and activities more managed.

What Benefits Do You Get Out of Shopify and QuickBooks Integration?

Shopify is at the center of your online business and brings a wide variety of data through customer orders. Sooner or later, you feel a need for a way to keep your accounts organized and your books up to date. The Shopify and QuickBooks integration addresses this need by providing more efficient and less time-consuming ways to keep track of your accounts. When you link the orders of your Shopify store with QuickBooks, they are automatically updated. Also, your inventory, shipping, and taxes remain in sync. The Shopify and QuickBooks integration also removes possibilities of human errors involved in manual data entry of records into QuickBooks.

What Is the Process to Connect Shopify to QuickBooks?

You can export your Shopify data to QuickBooks using third-party integration tools. While there are many free tools available on the internet, very few of them offer a simple option to seamlessly export fully paid orders from your Shopify account to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise. You can explore the app store to download an app into the Shopify ecosystem and move forward with the process.

To connect your Shopify admin account to QuickBooks, the steps are generally as follows:

Step 1. Select Apps from Shopify’s admin panel.

Step 2. Select the app that you have decided to use.

Step 3. Selects the date range where the date range determines all the orders made between the specified dates.

Step 4. Click on Export.

Additionally, you can select Review the export details to check whether there are any orders that failed to export.

While these basic steps are common across many third-party Shopify-QuickBooks integration tools, the actual procedure may vary from app to app.

Apps4Rent Can Host Accounting Solutions for Your Shopify Store

While growing businesses are always at the risk of data complexity and data chaos, you can choose to keep your accounts safe and organized by interconnecting QuickBooks and Shopify. Be it QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Enterprise, hosting QuickBooks in the cloud offers added ease and flexibility to your financial bookkeeping. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent hosts QuickBooks in superior SSAE16 compliant datacenters. We can also host your eCommerce store in our secure datacenters. Contact our support team available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.

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