Integrating QuickBooks Enterprise with CRM Software

Synchronizing customer relationship management software with popular accounting software can bring clarity to your business functions. Businesses can track all their leads from a single tool by unifying your communication, sales, and accounting tools. The large enterprise depends on accounting software such as QuickBooks Enterprise for managing their invoices, payrolls, incoming and outgoing payments.

Well, many say that QuickBooks is a CRM in itself with a wide range of features and functionalities. Many businesses in their nascent stage use only QuickBooks as they have limited data and client base. As the business grows, there is a need to process evolving customer data and purchasing behaviors. Connecting QuickBooks with a CRM tool assists you to have better control over your sales pipeline.

Combining accounting and CRM tools

Every business exists only due to its customers. If there are no customers, then there is no business. Therefore, every business must methodically manage relationships with customers well. A customer relationship management (CRM) tool automates the process which helps you keep connected to your customers.

Similarly, accounting is an important function of business because that is where all your revenue is managed. The word accounting comes for accountability. If you want your business to grow, you not only need accounting software but an ‘accountable’ software. QuickBooks is known for its accountability as much as it is known for its accounting.

Uniting QuickBooks Enterprise with a CRM tool provides transparency to the full sales funnel. This consolidated data helps you to identify customer behavior and plan your strategies accordingly. Since CRM and accounting tools are critical for any business, integrating them is definitely a good idea. It provides a holistic view of every customer to all the members of your team.

If you are searching for a list of CRMs that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise, we offer you the best selected CRMs.

The CRMs can be desktop-based or cloud-based. It can be integrated with QuickBooks with or without using a web connector. Here’s a list of best CRM software which integrates with QuickBooks:

1. Method CRM

Method CRM is a cloud-based CRM that helps perform sales automation platform tasks, helping sales teams to complete their tasks quickly. It is very simple to integrate QuickBooks with Method CRM because of its great mix of simplicity and sophistication. As they call it, Method CRM is the “most customizable CRM for QuickBooks.”

Integration with QuickBooks: Using Zapier
Desktop or cloud-based CRM: Cloud-based CRM

2. Results CRM

Results CRM is a perfect CRM tool to integrate with your QuickBooks Enterprise software. The CRM tool is available in on-premises and hosted versions as well. When QuickBooks Enterprise is hosted in the cloud, it is integrated with the utmost sophistication. It provides seamless integration with QBE and associated applications for offering a productive and better business solutions for you.

Direct integration with QuickBooks: Yes
Desktop or web-based CRM: Web-based CRM

3. Salesforce CRM

Who has not heard of Salesforce and QuickBooks? Salesforce once tied up with QuickBooks which was effectively called Salesforce for QuickBooks. This made QuickBooks Enterprise and Salesforce integration possible with ease and swiftness. QuickBooks Enterprise gets significantly more useful when CRM customizations are optimized to it. The processes such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay save money and time. Once QuickBooks Enterprise and Salesforce are integrated, you can synchronize your QB customers to Salesforce and get all their details from the Salesforce CRM interface.

Desktop based or cloud-based: Cloud-based
How to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks? Using a connector such as Zapier, AppExchange

4. Zoho CRM

Though Zoho CRM integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise effortlessly, it will take up some time to set up. Zoho with QuickBooks is useful when heavy customization is required. Once you get access, you need to manually configure the import and export process for QuickBooks in Zoho CRM. This might seem a bit complex to some people, but it offers great control over your system. You can create timesheets, integration reports, bills with just a couple of clicks on Zoho. Once done, you can push it directly to QuickBooks. This will automatically sync your invoices and expenditure back to QuickBooks.

Desktop or cloud-based: Cloud-based
Web-based connector required? Yes

Using CRM integrated QuickBooks on Cloud

  • If you use a desktop-based CRM software, we can host QuickBooks as well as the CRM on the same virtual desktop.
  • If you use a cloud-based CRM, we can install your QuickBooks on our virtual desktop and set up interaction with the cloud-based CRM software.

Either way, you will be able to use a combination of QuickBooks and the CRM software on the Cloud.

Apps4Rent helps you move QuickBooks Enterprise in the Cloud along with your favorite CRM tool. Get 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email along with all bells and whistles that come along. If you need more clarifications on QuickBooks Enterprise hosting with integrated CRM, feel free to contact our team now!

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