How to Install QuickBooks Enterprise on a Workstation and Remotely?

Over the years, QuickBooks Enterprise has emerged as a leader in the accounting software space especially for small and medium businesses. With incredible versatility boasting of powerful tools and features for activities ranging from keeping payrolls, inventory tracking, report generation, and scheduling capabilities, it caters to the unique needs of industries in virtually every space.

A minor drawback of QuickBooks Enterprise is that, to ensure making full use of its capabilities, it is available as desktop software. As with all other desktop applications, it consumes the resources of the local machine for performance. Just like you can install QuickBooks Enterprise on a local workstation, it is installed on a Cloud Desktop.

Thankfully, QuickBooks Enterprise can work smoothly when installed on a cloud with the added benefit of mobility and access flexibility. How can you install QuickBooks Enterprise on a physical workstation and on a remote cloud desktop?

Install QuickBooks Enterprise on a Remote Desktop

As mentioned, you can install QuickBooks Enterprise on the workstation and a remote desktop in a similar way with all the functions intact. The benefit of a remote desktop is you can access your QuickBooks Enterprise software from any time anywhere. Moreover, it works exactly the same way as on your local computer. When you access QuickBooks Enterprise remotely, you are essentially working on your files and other data stored on a computer or server located elsewhere with a device like a mobile, tablet, laptop, or another PC with an internet connection. This not only ensures that your access to QuickBooks Enterprise is not limited by a spatial barrier but also makes powerful features available to you on a device that may have relatively less computational power.

How to Install QuickBooks Enterprise on a Virtual Desktop?

With hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Enterprise is made available to you as a service by a hosting service provider. This means, you will not have to install the application on a desktop or server and can start using the application right away by simply using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Here’s how you can get QuickBooks Enterprise service:

Step 1: Identify the right hosting service provider that supports QuickBooks Enterprise

Your hosting service provider must be able to guarantee an uptime of at least 99.9% backed by an SLA along with strong security features, backup, and reliable support. It is recommended to stick to an Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting service provider meeting your needs within an acceptable budget.

Step 2: Identify the licensing model

Most hosting service providers allow you to bring your own licenses. In other words, if you already have a QuickBooks Enterprise license, you can continue to use the software and move your files to the virtual desktop that your host provides. Alternatively, you can purchase a license from the host, provided they are authorized by Intuit to sell them and use the application installed on the remote desktop you have subscribed for.

Step 3: Accessing your RDP with QuickBooks Enterprise

There are a couple of ways you can access your QuickBooks Enterprise subscription using RDP. It could either be done using RDP software or directly through a web browser. Your hosting service provider will furnish the credentials for your remote desktop which can be accessed using any device of your choice.

Apps4Rent Advantage of QuickBooks Hosting

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