How to Import QuickBooks File in Mac to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows?

Macs are becoming increasingly popular among accountants and business owners many of whom need QuickBooks Desktop installed on them. Intuit has customized QuickBooks Desktop for Mac for such users. However, such users might have to send their QuickBooks files to an accountant or another user with a Windows machine. The files used in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac (.dmg or .qbxxx) are different from those in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows (.qbw). This implies that such users have to know how to import QuickBooks File in Mac to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. Let us explore how to exchange QuickBooks files between users of machines with dissimilar operating systems and alternate solutions.

Why Import QuickBooks File in Mac to QuickBooks Desktop for Windows?

While one of the most common reasons for importing QuickBooks for Mac files into the Windows machine is to allow other users to access the financial records on these systems, the launch of macOS Catalina has exposed more vulnerabilities in the former version. Many users have experienced data losses and crashes. While Intuit has resolved the issue for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019 (R7) or 2020 (R2 or later) for macOS Catalina users, the company has made it clear that QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2015 and 2016 users must upgrade to later versions or migrate to QuickBooks Online.

However, there could be changes in functionalities if you migrate from the desktop version to the online version.

How to Convert QuickBooks for Mac Files to QuickBooks For Windows?

Intuit has designed the solution in such a way that users on machines running either operating systems can open the file with simple conversion steps. Here’s how you can convert your company file from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows.

Preparing the Company File in QuickBooks for Mac

  • Ensure that the updates for the latest release for QuickBooks for Mac are available on your system.
  • If you have added transactions with memos, ensure that the latter do not have more than 50 characters or special characters.
  • Ensure that the transactions are closed before moving on to the next record.
  • If you notice that some data is out of place in any list, re-sort them to set them to default.
  • Verify the records and rebuild the company file before initiating the conversion.

Converting Company File for QuickBooks for Desktop

After you have ensured that the company file is formatted by verifying the data, you can proceed with the export.

  • Ensure that you are opening the company file with admin rights.
  • Click on File>Export and select the option To QuickBooks for Windows.
  • Click on Verify if you are prompted before taking the back up.
  • Save the backup file in an appropriate folder.

Importing QuickBooks File in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

While smaller files can be emailed to users with a Windows machine, larger ones have to be imported into QuickBooks Desktop for Windows using a physical device such as a USB flash drive or using cloud storage. Eventually, it can be restored on the Windows version of QuickBooks.

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop on the Windows system.
  • Navigate to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company…
  • Import the company file saved in qbw format from the storage device/ drive you saved on the Mac machine.
  • Open the company file and type in your credentials to start working.

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