Extensions Do Not Register, Cannot Dial Out, or Cannot Connect to Other Extensions

Extensions not registering is a problem that frequently arises while installing Isabel or Asterisk. You cannot register your VOIP phone with your IP PBX server or make inter extension calls.

Most likely, SELinux being activated is the offending factor. You would have to turn it off. You may examine the devices/servers connected to your IP PBX server with the command “sip show peers” once SELinux has been disabled. This is likely one of the simpler and most fundamental problems you’ll run into while setting up an Isabel or Asterisk IP PBX system. Instead, this problem is a precursor to those that may eventually arise.

The simplest route is to select a hosted Asterisk or Issabel server if you want to get to the point where you are prepared to configure your extensions, queues, and trunks, among other things. However, you should ensure that the server can be easily managed via an interface since you don’t want to constantly type commands and alter files using the CLI.

Ways to Set Up Your Issabel or Asterisk or Any Other IP PBX Server

  • Installing your Asterisk or Isabel on a server managed by a hosting provider so you can test it out if it is suitable. Some hosting companies offer pre-built Asterisk or Issabel virtual machines (this will reduce your pain of going through the installation process which can be complicated at times). You can replicate the configuration to your on-premises server once you’ve achieved the desired outcomes from your hosted setup.
  • The IP PBX can also be a hosted server that you manage. Hosted solutions feature simple server administration processes. You can always take a snapshot with ease. For testing new features, clones may be quickly made. With the hosted IP PBX server, you have reached the point where you are prepared to configure your extensions, queues, trunks, etc.

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