Cloud Computing – What Top CEOs Are Saying

We  like to update our readers about the latest trends in technology.  Here is a collection of  recent quotes from top CEOs (Google, Microsoft,, Intel, HP) regarding Cloud Computing.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

“Cloud computing is a phenomenon that’s bigger than the advent of the PC.”

Marc Benioff, CEO of

“Cloud computing is a technology model that refers to anything that involves delivering services over the Internet. The idea rests on something we call “multi-tenancy,” and it’s easy to think of it as an apartment building, where the tenants of the building share common costs such as building security or the laundry facilities, but they still have locks on their doors and the freedom and ability to design their apartments as they wish. Consumer services like Yahoo Mail or Gmail use this kind of model – it’s how their consumers access their individual mail accounts cheaply (or even for free) through a browser without the need to install any software. It’s how myriad users share the same back-end systems. We stood on the shoulders of consumer giants like Amazon, Yahoo and eBay, which had pioneered this idea, and we demonstrated that companies could run all their business information that same exact way.

The term cloud computing gets thrown around a lot these days by a lot of companies, so it’s no surprise that some people are confused. If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.

The way you pay for cloud-based apps is different from the way the software industry has historically worked.

There’s no longer a need to buy servers and software.

When your apps run in the cloud, you don’t buy anything. It’s all rolled up into a predictable monthly subscription, so you only pay for what you actually use.”

HP CEO- Mark Hurd

At the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Fla., HP CEO Mark Hurd talks about how the company plans to layer cloud services on its infrastructure…

“I think it’s a very attractive model, but there will be challenges,” Hurd said. “At the end of the day, if you tell a CEO, ‘Put our e-mail in the cloud,’ a certain amount of CEOs will tell you not (to). If (HP Chief Information Officer Randy) Mott told me, ‘Put the general ledger up in cloud,’ I’d say go back to work, we’re not doing that.”

Intel CEO Paul Otellini

Another key trend — cloud computing — is widely seen as driving a major shift in the software business. But Otellini said that while it’s a clear force in the IT market, it doesn’t change Intel’s plans significantly from a hardware perspective “except we’ll sell a lot more server chips.”

“The difference is some of the usage models,” he added. “Pushing some applications out to the cloud makes sense [but] I don’t think I’m going to be putting my payroll or accounts receivable in someone else’s cloud.”

Steve Ballmer , CEO of Microsoft

“The cloud is now not just the Internet; it’s really a fundamental computing resource…”

MICROSOFT says the cloud acts as a natural complement to its traditional software products, and the company often talks about the “three screens and a cloud” strategy – which covers computers, phones and TVs all connected to common services.

“I would say there’s clearly a change in the fundamental platform of computing,” Mr. Ballmer says. “The cloud is now not just the Internet; it’s really a fundamental computing resource that’s getting thought about and looked at in a different way.”

According to Mr. Ballmer, the public has a tendency to get caught up in the success of a device like the iPhone or Google’s search service and to underestimate the complexities that arise from trying to connect consumers and workers in today’s world.

There is a notion, he says, that “he who is strong in the one thing that works in the cloud should, by default, control the cloud. Or he who controls one device should control them all. None of that really works all that well.”

Trend Micro CEO – The Server in the cloud “Needs to protect itself”

She acknowledged that servers are typically protected by a firewall, an intrusion detection system (IDS), and an intrusion prevention system (IPS). “But now people are doing virtualization,” Chen said. “And once you do virtualization, the server can move from one network center to another network center or move from your own data center to a public data center, and therefore the server is not just behind the firewall all the time. It needs to protect itself.”

You can hear additional CEOs speak at the following industry conferences in the next few days.

SIIA OnDemand 2009

OpSource CEO Treb Ryan and CTO John Rowell will speak at SIIA OnDemand 2009, which will take place October 28-30, 2009, at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose, California. SIIA OnDemand is produced by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the nation’s leading independent authority on Software as a Service. The conference is focusing this year on identifying new ways for SaaS companies to drive revenue, including by playing in the emerging Cloud marketplace.

OpSource executives will focus not only on the promise of Cloud computing for the Enterprise, but its practical implementation. Ryan will speak on “Cloud Platforms and Solutions: Business Models and Architectures for Value Creation in Enterprise” on Tuesday, October 29th from 9:15-10 a.m. From 3:45-4:25 that afternoon, Rowell will discuss “Which Cloud is Right for You?”

“The promise of Cloud computing has captured the enterprise’s imagination,” said Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource. “Now, the real work begins. The conversations at SIIA OnDemand will be great catalysts for finding ways to bring the collaborative power of the Cloud to the enterprise without sacrificing security or control. John and I look forward to being a part of this critical dialogue.”

4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo

The 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo is co-located with the 7th International Virtualization Conference & Expo and will be taking place November 2-4, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.

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