How to Broadcast Teams Meetings Using NDI and OBS?

Microsoft Teams got a new feature that enables you to record audio, video, and screen in meetings and send the recordings to OBS Studio for visual mixing and live broadcasting. This new feature uses the Network Device Interface (NDI) protocol, a royalty-free software standard used to record and transmit high-definition videos over a network. Let us learn more about this feature and how it will impact the communication-based workspace.

It Will Improve the Way You Create Live Events in Teams

Teams features include the in-built video recording and live streaming capabilities. With OBS Studio and NDI, Teams will enable you to enhance the way you have been recording videos and producing live events. Using NDI-out, you can host your Teams meetings as usual and capture the footage into OBS Studio for visual mixing and customization. For example, it will allow you to change the background, add the company logo, and arrange each video feed as you wish.

OBS Studio Can Provide Efficient Tools to Customize Your Streams

OBS Studio, or Open Broadcaster Software Studio, offers several tools to allow you to capture, process, and broadcast your videos. It is an open-source program and free to download and use. OBS can pair up with a range of third-party plugins to help you extend its capabilities. It can capture long sessions, which makes it perfect for recording events and meetings. Moreover, the OBS community formed by dedicated OBS users ensures that the help you need remains at your fingertips.

How to Live Stream Teams Meetings with NDI and OBS?

As OBS Studio is designed to integrate with third-party plugins, it seamlessly works along with the NDI plugin. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams has NDI technology built-in and can be enabled using the settings option. The general method that connects Teams and OBS Studio involves very few steps. They are as follows:

  1. Enable NDI in Microsoft Teams
  2. Configure OBS Studio
  3. Install NDI plugin
  4. Run NDI to integrate Teams with OBS Studio

Ensure that OBS Studio Broadcasts Videos without a Hint of Lag

OBS Studio offers the functionality that we often find in more premium video broadcasting applications. Integrating OBS Studio with Teams to convert simple meetings into broadcast-quality videos can create a need for reevaluating your existing resources. OBS Studio can deliver a seamless performance even under extensive use when hosted in the cloud. Hosting OBS in the cloud also ensures that you can use it on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Make your Applications Scalable and Portable with Apps4Rent

When OBS Studio is installed on your local computer, its features are accessible from the same computer only. To make your OBS Studio available across a wide range of devices, a dedicated OBS hosting plan is all you need. Hosted OBS Studio can be scaled at your convenience. Apps4Rent offers OBS hosting plans at affordable prices, enabling you to utilize the maximum capabilities of your software. We are also a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP for Office 365 solutions that include Teams and more such premium apps. Talk to our hosting experts, available 24/7 via phone calls, chat, and email for hosting plans inquiries.

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