How to Integrate BlueVine with QuickBooks?

BlueVine is a fintech company that provides a full suite of tailored banking services, including a flexible business line of credit, invoice factoring, and term loan options to small- and medium-sized businesses. With quick and easy business funding and flexible credit lines, BlueVine has revolutionized business banking for small businesses.

Many of these small businesses use QuickBooks for accounting. Such businesses can take advantage of features such as invoice factoring in BlueVine to turn their unpaid invoices generated in QuickBooks into cash with a single click. In this article, let us explore the advantages of integrating BlueVine with QuickBooks Desktop and the advantages of hosting the solution in the cloud.

Why Integrate BlueVine and QuickBooks Desktop?

Integrating BlueVine with QuickBooks helps to make tough financial decisions for small businesses a lot easier. Here are the advantages of synchronizing QuickBooks with BlueVine.

  • Businesses can get an advance on their invoices with a simple button click.
  • Users can pick and choose the QuickBooks invoices that must be factored, and the appropriate time to do so, depending on the financial status.
  • It can help streamline the financial review process by providing accurate high-level metrics that can be used to make better decisions.
  • Outstanding invoices can be approved and financed faster by directly deposing money into the linked account, thus minimizing the chances of the late payment of bills.

How to Use BlueVine with QuickBooks Desktop?

Invoices in QuickBooks Desktop can be synchronized with the BlueVine Dashboard for one-click funding using the BlueVine Sync Manager that has to be downloaded and installed in the system with QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the steps below for setting up BlueVine with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Follow the instructions in the BlueVine Sync Manager Setup Wizard and launch the application at the end of the installation.
  • Copy the token from the pop-up message in the BlueVine Dashboard and paste it into Agent Token in the Sync Manager.
  • Open the appropriate company file in QuickBooks Desktop, and click on the CONNECT button in the accounting tab in the Sync Manager.
  • Switch to QuickBooks Desktop, and select the “Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running” option in the “Application Certificate” dialog that will pop up.
  • Switch again to the BlueVine Sync Manager and click on “Run Sync” to initiate the synchronization between BlueVine and QuickBooks Desktop.

Now the invoices and customer information in QuickBooks Desktop will be available in the BlueVine Dashboard.

Apps4Rent Can Help with QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting

Integrating BlueVine with QuickBooks allows qualified businesses to use their QuickBooks data to get a business line of credit anytime, on-demand to close cash flow gaps and grow their business. While BlueVine integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, the latter version offers more features. However, it must be installed on a computer to be accessed.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can provide cloud-hosted QuickBooks Desktop software that can be accessed virtually with any internet-enabled device such as a mobile, laptop, or tablet. Contact our QuickBooks hosting consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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