BillQuick Integration with QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks has been dominating the business accounting software market since the 1990s and is used by millions of users for handling their finances and growing their business. However, as many of these businesses grow, their needs often extend beyond accounting. Many distribution, manufacturing, and service-oriented industries need to perform project management, time tracking, and other complex tasks, that are difficult or simply impossible to perform with QuickBooks alone.

BillQuick is an application which is used for time tracking, billing, accounting, and project management solutions. It automates user’s financial processes which include billing, invoicing, and accounting. It offers features that go beyond those processes such as project management, time tracking, document management, and business report generation. BillQuick also provides the ability to handle payment collection needs in a centralized area, use invoice templates, and quickly write checks. In this article, we will discuss how to integrate BillQuick with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating BillQuick with QuickBooks?

Integrating BillQuick with QuickBooks synchronizes data from BillQuick and automates several processes. It gives you the flexibility to manage your projects/Documents and Time track them from anywhere.

  • Intuitive settings allow you to specify sync rules, assign default income and expense accounts, tax code associations.
  • Makes it possible to manage the business operations in CORE and maintain your accounting in QuickBooks with no duplicate data entry.
  • Get Insights into your Projects/Documents/Clients from any device securely.
  • Ensures data accuracy, eliminates time-consuming duplicate manual entry, enhances flexibility, and increases control over your bottom line.

How to Integrate BillQuick with QuickBooks?

BillQuick can be synchronized with QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the steps below to integrate BillQuick with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Create a new company file or back up an existing company file in BillQuick or QuickBooks.
  • Grant access rights to BillQuick in your QuickBooks program.
  • Specify synchronization settings in the BillQuick-QuickBooks Integration Settings screen. Later, fine-tune these settings for day-to-day integration process.
  • Get Settings and Send Settings for each BillQuick module (or skip the synchronization for some modules).
  • QuickBooks account assignment for BillQuick items (activities, expenses, invoice line items).
  • Payroll settings for BillQuick payroll items.
  • QuickBooks class assignment for BillQuick items (activities, expenses, and projects).

Apps4Rent Can Help with Hosted QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise

While BillQuick enables employees to automate financial processes, it is difficult to execute these integrations as it is time consuming and has a moderate risk of data loss if not done carefully. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can help to integrate QuickBill securely without losing any data and host QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise in our top tier SAE-16 certified data centers, along with add-on applications. Call, chat or email our technical consultants, available 24/7 for help.

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