Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server – Where to Host Your Database?

Today’s data-driven world tests our ability to manage a tremendous amount of data and use it to its maximum potential. The modern database systems are increasingly complex, with data stored on-premises or in the cloud. Software developers who build smart and immersive solutions can find themselves constrained by the limitations imposed by the unavailability of the right database. You can enjoy all the positives of digital transformation if you have easy and intelligent access to the database management system. This article will compare the Azure SQL Database with SQL Server to draw a clear picture of the database server option that is made for your organization.

What is Azure SQL Database?

Microsoft’s Azure SQL Database is a managed cloud database and is offered as a part of Azure. As a cloud database, Azure SQL runs on a cloud computing platform. Access to this cloud database is provided as a service. Azure SQL Database can address issues associated with availability, scalability, and backup of the database. The cloud database can be administered by visiting Azure Portal from your browser or by using other tools like PowerShell and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Microsoft Azure SQL uses SQL Server technology to provide services across physical machines running on-premises, on private cloud environments, on third-party cloud hosting environments, and on the public cloud.

What is SQL Server?

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed and marketed by Microsoft. Being a database server, it is a software product that allows other software applications to store and retrieve data on request. The requesting software applications can be running on the same machine or a different machine across the same network. This server option does involve installation, thereby having different hardware and software requirements depending upon the edition you want to use.

Which One is Easier to Use and Administer?

As Azure SQL takes care of most database administration tasks, it creates a relatively easier platform for database management and administration. On the other hand, SQL Server uses local machines and involves traditional DBA as well as OS administration, which makes it relatively complex. Further, Azure SQL Database service can be upgraded for performance improvement without losing the ease of administration.

Which One Offers Better Security?

SQL Server is more secure than the Azure SQL Database as you can restrict the IPs that access your system. Also, the data can be made password-protected using the OS security. However, Azure SQL Database allows access based on credentials, which means the security controls are at your hand. While collaborating with other applications, Azure SQL requires certificates or other secure tools to offer a layer of security.

Which Server Option Allows Administration from Any Device?

SQL Server installed on your local computer can be accessed from the same computer. It can be a system with Windows OS or Linux installed and meeting all the other hardware and software requirements depending upon the SQL Server edition. To enable access to other computers in the same network, remote access can be given.

As an alternative to SQL Server, we have a highly portable Azure SQL Database. One of the most significant advantages of Azure SQL is that it allows you to create and administer your database using your iPhone, Android, and similar devices. With browser-based access through Microsoft Azure Portal, you get the ability to create, delete, and administer your database from anywhere on any device. With Microsoft SQL Azure, connecting to the database is a simple process.

So, What Is the Answer to Our Original Question?

Azure SQL Database supports today’s cloud applications on a smart, managed database service that includes serverless computation. On the other hand, SQL Server is a traditional enabler of the on-premises database management system. Azure SQL is the best choice if you have a new software application that needs to connect with the database, and you do not meet the software or hardware requirements of SQL Server or need better portability and multi-device support.

How Apps4Rent Can Help?

Azure SQL Database is an intelligent relational database service provided through the cloud to offer scalability and performance. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can help businesses and professionals derive maximum benefits from Azure. We can also help you migrate your SQL Server workloads from on-premises to Azure virtual machines. Call Apps4Rent today for Azure Managed Services, plans, and assistance. We are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email.

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