Azure Marketplace – What Is It and How Can You Benefit?

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store where customers can access applications and services that leverage Microsoft Azure public cloud. The solutions offered on the Azure Marketplace are by Microsoft and its technology partners. There are a host of cloud applications and tools that are on offer to IT pros and developers for building Azure solutions. Customers can find ready-to-use images, deployed or fully managed Azure applications, and Managed and Consulting services for Azure from Microsoft and its partners like Apps4Rent. Let us visit Azure Marketplace and find out what it is and how you can benefit from it.

Solutions Available on Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace provides access to a range of solutions that are either built on Microsoft cloud services or integrated with it. These solutions range from standalone multi-tenant software solutions with Microsoft 365 to niche products and services that serve unique business and mission objectives.

  • Simplified SaaS Solutions

    Developers and businesses can offer their SaaS solutions on the Azure Marketplace using their Partner Center account. The journey through purchase to provisioning requires the SaaS applications to support Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO). Customers making these purchases will be re-routed to the vendor’s website completing the setup. SaaS applications may be priced using different models such as flat rates, per user, or a metered subscription, with each model being based on either monthly or annual commitments.

  • Ready-to-Use Virtual Machine Images

    Virtual Machine images are clones of entire computer systems including Operating systems, necessary drivers for system, application, and state information. Customers can purchase virtual appliances packaged as VM images from Azure Marketplace. Users will need an Azure subscription for using these VM images like for Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD).

  • Azure Applications and Managed Applications

    Azure Applications are solutions that are directly deployed on Microsoft cloud services. Users will need an Azure account using which resourced including paid VMs will be automatically deployed. Managed Azure Applications are extensions of SaaS solutions wherein the application is deployed on the customer’s Azure account, but the management permissions are retained by the independent software vendor (ISV).

  • Azure Applications Solution Template

    Developers can use solution templates to implement infrastructure as code for their Azure solutions using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. These templates are JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files that help in deploying topologies quickly, consistently, and with multiple services and their dependencies.

  • Managed and Consulting Services

    Companies can avail of managed Azure services by capable partners identified through the Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) program in such a way that the provider can be provisioned into the customer’s Azure tenant with the right permissions to directly deliver their services.

    Consulting services in Azure Marketplace can be useful for identifying business solutions, understanding available technologies better, requesting workshops, custom development solutions, and other solutions. These services are delivered by publishers with silver or gold level competency in their respective capability areas.

Buy Apps4Rent Solutions from Azure Marketplace

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