How to Automate 24/7 OBS Stream For Scheduled Playlist?

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) content is becoming increasingly popular. However, starting an IP television business is prohibitively expensive for smaller players who need to stream their content live 24/7. In addition to the costs involved in creating sufficient content to broadcast throughout the day, another challenge is to integrate a scheduling software that can be expensive to purchase and use. Consequently, many users are looking for open-source solutions for live streaming content to various platforms, so that their family, friends, and followers can watch their broadcasted content. In this article, let us explore how users can automate 24/7 OBS streams for scheduled playlists.

Why Use OBS to 24/7 Broadcast IPTV Channel?

OBS is not only a freely available open-source application but also a good compositing program. Here are some of the reasons why OBS is an ideal solution to create 24/7 streams of scheduled playlists.

  • OBS Studio offers several launch parameters for automation and portable use that can simplify scheduling playlists.
  • The software integrates with other applications, such as VLC Media Player to build a compositing scheduling system that can run segments with ads, public service announcements, filler material, and other content.
  • Playbacks can be turned on and off automatically using plugins or scripts written in languages such as Python or Visual Studio.
  • It is an ideal replacement for hardware encoders and playouts that can be expensive for small TV stations.

How to Stream Scheduled Playlists 24/7 with OBS?

One of the easiest and most widely used methods to stream scheduled playlists 24/7 using OBS is to use the application with a VLC media player. This involves the use of two soundcards, one for streaming and another for the PC. This setup allows users to put the stream in the background and work at the same time.

  • Install OBS Studio and VLC Player on a desktop.
  • Copy the stream key from a platform, such as YouTube, to which the playlist must be streamed 24/7.
  • Paste the stream key from the platform in OBS.
  • Drag and drop the image/ video in OBS.
  • To add background music, navigate to the Audio tab in OBS, and add the soundcards in Settings.
  • Switch to the VLC media player, go to Tools>Preferences, and select Audio Settings.
  • Add the soundcard used in OBS to Device and restart VLC.
  • Add songs to the VLC playlist to be streamed with OBS and click on Play.
  • Switch to OBS and click on Start Streaming.

Apps4Rent Can Help Run 24/7 OBS Streams

While the method used above can be used for running 24/7 streams with a scheduled playlist, the computer has to be kept turned on. Additionally, modifying programs to include commercials, filler clips, and other content can be challenging. Moreover, there will be restrictions on the quantity of content that can be scheduled if the workstation using these applications is used for other tasks, limiting the ability to plan out far in advance.

Apps4Rent offers dedicated GPU-enabled servers for streaming scheduled playlists that can solve many of these issues. Users can take advantage of OBS video scheduler plugins and other scripts that can automate processes on dedicated virtual private servers (VPS) that run 24/7. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP and Citrix Partner, we can offer virtual desktops with cutting-edge technology customized for OBS streaming. Call, chat, and email our OBS virtualization consultants, available 24/7 for assistance.


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