Atandra T-HUB Integration with QuickBooks

Atandra T-HUB is a multi-channel order manager solution, which allows businesses to integrate their eCommerce store with QuickBooks and various shipping services. It allows users to easily process orders from multiple channels on one screen. It enables users to import online orders into QuickBooks and integrate with UPS, FedEx, and USPS and print packing lists, and place phone orders. Users can download online orders to QuickBooks and create customers, sales receipts, or invoices and send customized email messages to customers when orders are shipped. In this article, we will explain how to integrate Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks?

These are the advantages of integrating Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks.

  • Allows to post online sales into QuickBooks as sales receipts, invoices, or sales orders.
  • Enables posting payment information into QuickBooks including payment method and reference information.
  • Records shipping charges, any discounts, and other charges as line items on QuickBooks transactions.
  • Allows users to create new customers in QuickBooks or map to existing customers in QuickBooks.
  • Enables users to create new items in QuickBooks or map to existing items from QuickBooks.

Steps to Integrate Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks

Follow the given steps to integrate Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Log into your QuickBooks account as an Administrator.
  • Open your Atandra T-HUB application.
  • Navigate to Company > Set Up Users and Passwords > Set Up users.
  • Enter your QuickBooks company password and click “OK.”
  • A Product Information window will pop up. Copy the file location under the File Information and click “OK.”
  • Next, go to QuickBooks Settings and select “QuickBooks Company File.”
  • Paste the file location in the “QuickBooks company file” field and choose the appropriate QuickBooks version and click on “Test Connection.”
  • A QuickBooks certification window will pop up. Select “Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.”
  • Next, select “Admin” in the “login as” field and click “Continue.”
  • Now, select “Done” and finally click “Yes” to start the synchronization process.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Atandra T-HUB and QuickBooks Integration

Integrating Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks can help businesses manage orders from all sales channels from T-HUB and increase productivity. However, synchronization could be time-consuming depending on the number of files to be synchronized.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent offers QuickBooks cloud hosting from top-tier SSAE 16 datacenters in New York and New Jersey and can help to integrate Atandra T-HUB with QuickBooks seamlessly. Contact our QuickBooks virtualization experts, available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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