Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution

At the top of the line of QuickBooks family is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise edition. We have added the word ‘Desktop’ in it because the experience is identical to conventional QuickBooks Desktop editions including Pro, Premier, or Accounting. All editions are pretty much identical in almost every way. In fact, when you are using desktop versions on the surface, you cannot differentiate on what edition you are using, until you dig deep into it.

Let’s dive over the advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise solutions over conventional QuickBooks. The biggest advantage of QuickBooks Enterprise is that it can handle much larger amounts of data files. This is particularly suitable for enterprises that deal with a large amount of data.

Meant for larger companies

However, QuickBooks Enterprise edition is meant for larger companies, you have robust use and access permissions where the admin can choose which area can be viewed, modified, and delete. This is discussed in the article later on. Users can manage more than 14,500 list items which are a limitation that QuickBooks Pro or Premier has. If you have a combination of items such as products and services, QuickBooks Enterprise is suited because it has a much larger database.

For example, in QuickBooks Premier solutions the data after 300 MB can make it a bit slow. And practically, at around 500 MB of data, there is noticeable data damage. But when it comes to QuickBooks Enterprise, the data handling capacity easily goes over 1 Gigabyte and users face no difficulty in operating it out of alacrity. If you start operating such copious amounts of data in conventional QuickBooks editions, the data would be locked and you would need to move to migrate to QuickBooks Enterprise.

Access Control

How many users can access QuickBooks simultaneously? Depending upon the SKU you purchase for the Enterprise, it can support up to 30 users. Also, let us look at the security aspect of QuickBooks Enterprise. Under the “Company” menu, scroll down to the “Users” tab and you will find Enterprise is actually a real list. You can set up user security in QuickBooks Enterprise which is restricted in conventional QuickBooks versions. You can have tight admin control over each user activity in QuickBooks Enterprise. The access level is much more sophisticated than QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions. Users can view the changes, but not modify and delete as it depends on admin completely.

Slick Reporting Features

You could break down access in such a way that your staff or colleague can access the areas they need, but not mistakenly going to other areas or items they should not see. You can create multiple roles for the user too. QuickBooks Enterprise comes with a slicker reporting feature. If you need to combine your company files with your Excel sheet, separate entities, or separate QuickBooks files. So, QuickBooks Enterprise comes with QuickBooks Statement Writer. You can combine reports with multiple companies. You can go ahead and browse out all the files and look in Excel.

In Excel, each company file will have its own column and the total. QuickBooks Enterprise could integrate with open database connectivity. Thus, when you open Excel, you can pull in different fields.

In conventional QuickBooks, you can have 20 items in a group, but with Enterprise the ability goes to a hundred. If you want to do a variable build, you can do that with the Enterprise version.

With Enterprise edition, users can automatically create Purchase Orders based on the maximum and the minimum quantity set for the item. That will consider the items that are already into effect.

Access QuickBooks Enterprise from anywhere

QuickBooks Enterprise has many advanced modules which unavailable with QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions. If you want the flexibility to use QuickBooks from anywhere anytime with all the functionality intact, you can move it to the Cloud. You must choose a reliable QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider which will have great reliability and security.

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