How to Use 1099-Etc with Scalable Resources on Cloud?

1099-Etc is one of the popular payroll applications. Primarily it’s for W-2/1099 forms and has many other forms for year-end payroll processing. It also comes with features for wage garnishment, tax management, vacation/Leave tracking, and direct deposit at one place. Apart from W-2 1099, it can also process AMS payroll, E-Filer, ACA Form 1095-B, and Form 1095-C. Using a hosted solution on the cloud for this comes with the below-listed advantages.

What Are the Advantages of Hosting 1099 on the Cloud?

1099-Etc cloud hosting can solve many problems associated with running the application on physical desktop computers.

  • Resources like number CPUs, RAM/memory, and storage, are scalable as per requirements.
  • Your data is secure on the cloud as it is stored in top tier datacenter compliant with various industry standards.
  • You can access your applications on the cloud from anywhere in the world from any desktop/laptop/mobile device with internet connectivity.
  • No need to manage and maintain a physical computer.
  • Solution is immune to hardware failures like local desktop/laptop failure or hard disk damage.
  • Apart from 1099-Etc for payroll, you can install other accounting applications also in the same virtual/remote desktop.

Additional Information

With 1099-Etc on Cloud, You Can

  • Common Payee File allows the user to select a Payee across payers/1099 forms without having to type in the same information multiple times.
  • Browse command allows the user to enter data using a spreadsheet format.
  • Payer’s information only needs to be entered once.
  • A description of the current field is displayed at the top.
  • Data can be imported from various sources including Excel, form print files, and ordinary text files.
  • The Default command allows the user to “define” default values for a form, such as State Code and ID.
  • Calculate selected fields.
  • Entry fields are selected using Tab, Enter, and arrow keys, as well as clicking on a field with the mouse.
  • The data is automatically saved through our 1099 software when a new record or form is accessed and hence ensuring edited data is never lost.
  • Forms can be printed on pre-printed forms.
  • Forms can be software generated (purchase of Software Generated Forms required).
  • Prints Table and Worksheet Reports along with Client Letters, Recipient Lists, and Mailing Labels.
  • Ability to create encrypted PDF files to email reports to clients directly from the 1099 – W2 application.
  • Reports/Forms can be printed in batches for multiple payers to save time.
  • Free Network Installation.
  • Uses SSN verification file to verify employee’s Social Security Number with the SSA.
  • Option to save reports to PDF that can be encrypted.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Cloud Hosted Desktop for 1099-Etc

Apps4Rent offers virtual desktops on cloud which are scalable based on your requirement for the hosted 1099-Etc solution. Since the virtual/remote desktop is on cloud, it can be accessed from any local PC/laptop, Windows, or Mac, which has internet connectivity. No configuration change is required on your local PC/laptop. Call, chat or email our virtual/remote desktop specialists, available 24/7 for assistance.

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