How to Integrate ShipRush with QuickBooks?

ShipRush is an affordable and effective multi-carrier shipping solution. It provides businesses access to discounted shipping rates using an easy-to-use e-commerce solution. It is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as it does not require a dedicated IT department to set up and manage the solution.

ShipRush integrates with QuickBooks allowing businesses to retrieve invoices, sales orders, and receipts quickly for simplifying the shipping process. The invoices can be automatically updated with the shipment information in QuickBooks after the order has been processed. In this article, we will explain how to integrate Descartes ShipRush with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating ShipRush with Quickbooks?

Connecting ShipRush with QuickBooks helps businesses automate their workflows and take advantage of discounted shipping rates from several service providers. Here are some of the benefits of integrating ShipRush with QuickBooks.

  • Orders can flow into QuickBooks from ShipRush in a few minutes using the pre-built connection.
  • Businesses can set their own negotiated rates or take advantage of rate discounts from leading carriers.
  • It allows real-time rate shopping to facilitate the comparison and selection of the best shipping rates.
  • Automation rules can be set up to preset shipment weight, select specific shipping services, and other factors to save time.
  • Email communication, tracking pages, shipping labels, and packing slips can be customized for branding and building loyalty.

How to Set Up ShipRush with QuickBooks Desktop?

The QuickBooks Desktop application can either be installed on the same computer, or at a different location as ShipRush. In this article, we will focus on setting up ShipRush with hosted QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Go to on the virtual machine on which QuickBooks is installed.
  • Navigate to the Web Stores area in Descartes ShipRush Web.
  • Create a new QuickBooks web store and launch the QuickBooks Web Connector on the virtual machine with which the QuickBooks company file will be connected to the Descartes ShipRush Web cloud system.
  • To add Descartes ShipRush to the QuickBooks Web Connector, navigate to the QuickBooks webstore in Descartes ShipRush, and choose the option to download the file. Copy the credentials to a file from which it can be easily retrieved to be used later.
  • Move the file to the machine on which the QuickBooks Web Connector is installed and double-click on it to add it to the QuickBooks Web Connector.
  • Paste the password that was copied previously and click on the “save password” option.

Apps4Rent Can Help Ecommerce Businesses with Hosted QuickBooks Desktop

Integrating ShipRush with QuickBooks eliminates the need to set up dedicated shipping computers with multiple software solutions for handling different carriers. Shipping information no longer has to be manually transferred from QuickBooks into the shipping application, and the tracking numbers and shipping costs too can be automatically entered into QuickBooks. One of the challenges of using ShipRush with QuickBooks Desktop is that ShipRush updates batches of shipping transactions with the QuickBooks database in cycles. Businesses with large volumes of transactions might have to dedicate a computer to being logged into QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks web connector to prevent QuickBooks from slowing down for a particular user.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent offers hosted QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise to help businesses handle such scenarios better. Reach out to our QuickBooks specialists available round-the-clock over the phone, chat, and email for help.

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