Why Use Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the most comprehensive financial management solutions. With support for up to 40 users, it can handle massive volumes of data including various types of financial transactions. Its capabilities can be exploited much more efficiently with the use of Remote Desktop Services (RDS). With this technology, even large companies with several employees can conveniently use the enterprise solution for complex accounting operations.

With RDS technology, businesses with multiple users can access shared applications and data in files with much greater efficiency and at lower costs. An organization that uses QuickBooks Enterprise with RDS can allow its authorized users to access the solution installed on servers from anywhere using the internet. Let us understand why to use Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise in terms of 5 important benefits.

How Does Remote Desktop Service Work with QuickBooks Enterprise?

RDS is built into Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and helps in accessing data stored in a central location. It consists of four components namely Remote Desktop Session Host (for holding session-based desktops and applications), Remote Desktop Connection Broker (for managing connections to Session Host farms), Remote Desktop Gateway (for public network users to access Windows machines and hosted applications), and Remote Desktop Web Access (web portal for publishing/ accessing Windows applications and desktops).

With RDS, even with QuickBooks Enterprise installed on a server, users can interact with pages, icons, and access points in the application in much the same way as using it natively. Application images are visible to users on their devices, and their inputs through keyboard and mouse are sent back to servers hosting the application for processing. The scalable resources available on servers enhance the user experience.

Why Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise?

RDS helps in multiplying the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise by maximizing the value of the solution while simultaneously reducing costs. Here are the most important benefits of using RDS with QuickBooks Enterprise.

  • Streamlining support services

    With RDS, it is easier to set up QuickBooks Enterprise for users, support, and maintain the system. The desktop application only has to be installed once on the server. All subsequent updates have to be installed only once. Additionally, businesses do not need to upgrade their existing infrastructure and allow users to access the software on virtual desktops that can support other applications such as Excel that work with QuickBooks Enterprise.

  • Enhanced and Reliable Performance

    QuickBooks Enterprise is a resource-intensive application that could either be installed on individual desktops or dedicated workstations when RDS is not used. In such a network, data has to be transferred between computers and servers. This could be impacted by network and machine performance. An issue in a single machine could compromise network performance.

    With RDS, QuickBooks application and data are installed on a centralized server, and only user input is sent to the server. This not only ensures that there is no deterioration in application performance but also protects user data.

  • Reduces operational costs

    While several virtualization solutions allow users to work from a place, time, and device of their choice, there is invariably deterioration in performance. With RDS being built into operating systems, it is already optimized for handling scenarios in which there aren’t sufficient low bandwidth. So, there are fewer restrictions on the device specs for accessing QuickBooks Enterprise, and several users can access it from the same workstation.

  • Advanced Security Features

    While QuickBooks Enterprise already includes powerful security features, RDP adds additional layers to protect financial data. Only users who have been granted certain levels of permission can access the servers. It is only after establishing a connection with the server can users access QuickBooks data. Even then, the data resides on the server, and the chances of data leaks are minimal.

  • Better Control

    Unlike locally installed copies of QuickBooks on user machines, an organization can retain significantly more control over the application used by their employees. The application, along with business data, is maintained and actively monitored by admins on the servers to which regular users will not have access.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise

When you use Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise, you are extracting the maximum benefits from the accounting solution at lower costs. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can provide ready-to-use virtual machines that can accommodate other ancillary business applications that you might need for your operations at promotional prices. Our hosted QuickBooks solution is an RDSH like environment hosted and accessible in the cloud and saves the trouble of creating your own RDSH environment on-premises. We provide 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email for hosting services. Contact us to know more about special offers on hosting solutions.

Apps4Rent’s hosted QuickBooks is an RDSH like environment hosted and accessible in the Cloud and saves the trouble of creating your own RDSH environment on-premises.

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