Does TSheets Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop?

The inclusion of TSheets (now called as QuickBooks Time) in the QuickBooks family has simplified employee time tracking to a large extent. It is supported on both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and helps businesses manage their payroll in a simplified manner. It minimizes manual data entry and does most of the heavy lifting that the HR or finance department has to handle for their businesses thereby effecting significant savings in time and money. TSheets is easily one of the most important integrations to QuickBooks that helps businesses grow and succeed with accurate time tracking. We will explore how to integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop and the benefits of doing so.

TSheets Integration with QuickBooks Desktop – Advantages

TSheets, which is now known as QuickBooks Time, empowers businesses with the ability to track their employees’ and contractors’ regular time, overtime, time-off, and other payroll related details effectively, efficiently, and accurately. Below are some of the benefits of using TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop.

Job and labor costs tracking

This feature allows businesses to assign employees with appropriate clients, projects, or job codes that can be used to accurately track their costing and calculate the overall profitability.

Advanced invoicing and billing

TSheets helps businesses bill their vendors more accurately thereby helping them improve their profit margins. It also assists in generating client invoices that are detailed and precise.

Smart payroll management

TSheets provides a single user interface to track working hours, holidays, overtime, sick time, and other details that are directly exported to QuickBooks and minimize the time spent on these processes. Besides, it also eliminates duplicate manual entries.

How to Integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop?

Using TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop is quite simple especially after TSheets became a part of Intuit in 2018.

Direct integration method for using TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop

The direct integration method allows users to set up their TSheets account within QuickBooks. This method is available only for users of QuickBooks version 2017 and above in the US.

Ensure that the following settings have been applied in QuickBooks before connecting TSheets.

  • Select “Use time data to create paychecks” in Company-wide preferences.
  • Mark “Yes” for “Do you track time?”
  • Set up payroll items for each employee and add each user in the Employee or Vendor section if time tracking is applicable.
  • Use QuickBooks Desktop and TSheets on the same system.

The following are steps to integrate TSheets directly with QuickBooks:

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop company file as admin in the Single-User mode.
  • Select Enter Time and click on Activate TSheets on the Home screen, Customers menu, or Employees menu.
  • If you already have a TSheets account, click on Sign In. If not, you will see a window with the ‘Try TSheets for Free’ option and finish the setup.

Web Connector based TSheets and QuickBooks Desktop integration

Users who are not eligible for direct TSheets to QuickBooks Desktop integration will have to use the Web Connector method. Ensure that you have applied the same settings stated in the direct integration method before connecting TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop using the Web Connector.

  • Open the relevant company file in single-user mode on QuickBooks with admin access.
  • Open TSheets in the admin access mode.
  • Install QuickBooks Desktop Integration from the Feature Add-ons section in TSheets.
  • Select the data that you plan to import from QuickBooks Desktop into TSheets.
  • Type delete in the next window to delete existing jobs/ customers in TSheets to proceed with the synchronization with QuickBooks.
  • Select Advanced/Manual Setup when you reach the step to connect the Web Connector.
  • Click on the blue web connector link to open the downloaded file.
  • Select ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’ and click on Continue in the security window.
  • Enter the four-digit password from the Advanced/ Manual Setup into the Web Connector and click on Update Selected.

You can map your QuickBooks payroll items once the integration is complete.

Is Integrating TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop Easy?

Businesses can achieve so much more when they integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. It makes a lot of business sense to run QuickBooks Desktop with TSheets on virtual machines rather than on local desktops in many cases. As an Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting partner, Apps4Rent has assisted several businesses across the globe to make optimal use of the accounting software. Our experts offer 24/7 assistance to clients via phone, chat, and email. Contact us today via phone, chat, or email to know more about QuickBooks hosting plans and deployment.

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