QuickBooks Pro and Premier Desktop – End of life (EOL)

As the digital landscape continues to change, new customers will no longer be able to buy QuickBooks Desktop Pro or QuickBooks Desktop Premier. QuickBooks, a major force in accounting software, announced the end of these beloved desktop versions, marking a large change in the industry.

Old subscribers don’t need to worry much since they can still run their software. However, the idea of switching to different solutions is what users are thinking in the present state, and new possibilities need to be carefully researched.

This comprehensive guide outlines nine of those alternatives, including Sage Desktop, UltraTax Desktop Version, AccountEdge Desktop, Drake Accounting Desktop, QuickBooks Online,, NetSuite, Microsoft Business Central, and Zoho Books.

Readers will need to take the migration processes and unique attributes of each option into consideration for a smooth transition.

After understanding the migration process for each alternative and letting available resources complement that understanding, businesses can adjust happily to make the transition. They will future-proof their financial management processes as they do so.

Alternatives to QuickBooks Pro and Premier Desktop?

In this guide, we examine the alternatives available to users following QuickBooks Desktop’s end of life: EOL, in each instance appraising both the features and aptness of each option.

  1. Sage Desktop Version

    With a reputation for sophisticated accounting solutions, Sage provides a comprehensive desktop version suitable for any business requirement. Sage Desktop Version is equipped with functions for all kinds of sectors. This facilitates both reliable and custom-made accounting experiences based on your industry. However, not every company will find it appropriate for the size, specific requirements of their industry, or limited budgets.

    Migration Process: It is necessary to export data from QuickBooks to Sage when transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop. Sage provides users with tools to map data fields and ensure this information is consistent throughout the entire migration process.

    Verdict: Sage Desktop Version represents a powerful choice for companies that need accounting solutions tailored with features unique to their industries. Apps4rent is an authorized Sage hosting partner and also resells licenses at attractive prices.

  2. UltraTax Desktop Version

    As a deeply trusted tax preparation software, UltraTax offers patrons the tax preparation process strong aid in the form of a desktop version. With its advanced tax calculation capabilities, comprehensive forms library, and intuitive interface — all sensibly integrated, UltraTax Desktop Version streamlines both the tax preparation process itself as well as its attendant compliance tasks.

    Migration Process: Migrating to UltraTax Desktop requires exporting financial data from QuickBooks Desktop and importing it into UltraTax. Users may need to customize settings and mappings to ensure a smooth transition of data.

    Verdict: All in all, one can say that the UltraTax Desktop is the ultimate choice for professional tax practitioners and accounting firms.

    UltraTax desktop hosting from $22/month.

  3. AccountEdge Desktop Version

    AccountEdge, feature-rich software that makes accounting a snap, also contains an impressively equipped desktop version with probably every type of accounting and inventory management tool conceivable. With multi-user support, customizable reporting, and seamless integration into third-party applications, the AccountEdge Desktop offers businesses of all sizes the chance to be flexible and scalable. .

    Migration Process: To migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to AccountEdge Desktop Version, you first have to export the data from one package and then import it into the other. AcccountEdge’s import facilities and customization features can be leveraged to help make this transition easier for users of AccountEdge.

    Verdict: The AccountEdge Desktop is well suited to small or medium-sized businesses that are looking for well-built accounting and inventory management tools. With multi-user capability. AccountEdge is one of the most cost-effective desktop-based accounting software options available, starting at $20 per user per month with no additional payroll costs based on the number of users. Interested? Talk our experts for more details.

  4. Drake Accounting Desktop Version

    Drake Accounting is the perfect solution for accounting professionals and small businesses. Drake Accounting Desktop Version offers a user-friendly desktop version that is mostly essential for the intended users. It simplifies accounting tasks and increases productivity. It has simplified workflow, exact tax preparation tools, and flexible templates tailored to suit the paying taxes, payroll processing, and completion of accounting in general. Despite the benefits, this version lacks industry application for large enterprises, which implies its limited scalability.

    Migration Process: The transition requires one to export QuickBooks Desktop data and import it into the Drake Accounting Desktop Version. In this process, users need to adjust settings and configurations to achieve compatibility and accuracy of the data. Get in touch to for free migration from QuickBooks to hosted Drake by experts.

    Verdict: Overall, the Drake Accounting Desktop is a specific accounting solution that does not favor industry applications. It is cheap and user-friendly, and, thus, appropriate for small businesses and accounting professionals.

    Drake desktop hosting from $22/month.

  5. QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks Online, an accounting software developed by Intuit, is a leading option for users who are seeking to migrate from its desktop version (i.e. QuickBooks Desktop). Nevertheless, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software, that provides anytime accessibility for the user, real-time collaboration, and third-party application support and it is more flexible and scalable than the QuickBooks Desktop. However, it may not be suitable for users having a preference for perpetual license, offline usage, and physical storage of business data.

    Migration Process: In QuickBooks Desktop to Online migration, data from QuickBooks Desktop can be exported and the same can be imported into the QuickBooks Online later. QuickBooks Online provides all the necessary migration tools and data import options for the same.

    Verdict: QuickBooks Online is a flexible cloud-based accounting software accessible to users with appropriate subscriptions, and it can be the best alternative for those accustomed to the QuickBooks interface. Get deep discounts on QuickBooks Online plans, plus onboarding benefits worth $350.

  6. Manager Accounting Software

    This is an accounting software that is free and open source. It offers users a functional and relatively simple desktop version that allows controlling their financial situation. The software includes the following options: invoicing, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, and the entire process of transactions and recording of operations. Due to its aggressive pricing, the software is beneficial for small firms and freelancers. Nevertheless, if considered from the point of view of a large firm, the software is tightly targeted and scaled for such a type of business.

    Migration Process: The process of shifting from QuickBooks Desktop is simplified: Users can customize settings and mappings within to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

    Verdict: Manager is great in the sense of pricing and operability as it is free, functional, simple to use, and has the most important options for a small firm or entrepreneur.

  7. NetSuite

    NetSuite accounting software is primarily an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution by Oracle. Specifically, NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based accounting software. This accounting program has specific modules for financial management, inventory management, and e-commerce. These modules function together to provide the business with a central software program that makes it easy for businesses to manage all their operations. However, due to its pricing and implementation, this accounting program may not be suitable for every business.

    Migration Process: The actual migration process requires exporting data from the QuickBooks Desktop and importing the same into NetSuite. The process can be complicated as it will require the configuration of several settings and mapping from the consultants.

    Verdict: This alternative i.e. NetSuite is suitable for medium and large organizations that require advanced accounting and business management capabilities.

  8. Microsoft Business Central

    Microsoft Business Central is a cloud-based ERP solution, which includes an accounting module specifically tailored for use by accountants and financial professionals. In particular, its general ledger, accounts payable, and financial reporting features allow accountants to manage their clients’ finances effectively. However, the fact that the software is also limited in terms of integration with other solutions and customization options may be regarded as the major drawback.

    Migration Process: The process of migration to Microsoft Business Central involves exporting data from QuickBooks Desktop and importing it to the target software i.e. Microsoft Business Central. Here, users can utilize the migration tools developed by Microsoft and the company’s consulting services to facilitate the process of transition to Microsoft Business Central for Accountants.

    Verdict: Overall, Microsoft Business Central is a decent option for accountants in need of a cloud-based ERP solution with robust accounting functions and seamless Microsoft integration. However, it could also be one of the most expensive options available.

  9. Zoho Books

    Zoho Books represents a part of the Zoho application suite designed for businesses, which is a cloud-based accounting software made for freelancers and small companies. The software solution comes with features such as expenses, invoicing, reporting and dashboards, project management, etc. However, it can also have issues related to scalability and very specific ones, not supporting advanced features.

    Migrate Process: You can start the migration by exporting financial data from QuickBooks Desktop and importing the information in the Zoho Books, either manually or using the support and free migration tools.

    Verdict: It would not be a bad choice for small accounting companies that are eager to implement affordable and very user-friendly accounting software, which is easy to use and provides all the features that are required daily.

How Apps4Rent Can Help?

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider and QuickBooks Solutions Provider, Apps4Rent has supported over 10,000 businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations (NPOs), government agencies, and independent certified public accountants (CPAs) over the past decade.

With QuickBooks hosting solutions Apps4Rent also offers QuickBooks Online plans at discounted prices with free migration assistance. The team of cloud engineers can handle migrating your company’s accounting data to a suitable alternative. We are known for unbeatable 24/7/365 support over the phone, chat, and email. Get in touch with our sales agent to discuss how we can assist you in selecting the best alternative and transitioning your accounting data reliably and securely.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up this blog, we can all say that QuickBooks Desktop Pro and QuickBooks Desktop Premier are soon reaching their end of life for new customers, which puts businesses in the difficult situation of finding new accounting software.

Therefore, in choosing an alternate option, businesses should consider different software’ features, capabilities, and possibilities. For example, people can choose one of the Sage packages appropriate to their industry or advance to QuickBooks Online.

In any case, the new technology will be more suitable, owing to better new features and the possibilities of cloud technology. Therefore, we believe that the article’s main theme is to show that technology constantly evolves, and accountants should consider these changes to apply new technological advancements in their work.

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