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As we know, QuickBooks is the go-to software for many freelance accountants and CPAs out there. They work on multiple clients across various industries but usually work from a single software. QuickBooks have the facility to multiple company files under a single subscription. If you have more one company, you can have more than one QuickBooks file.

If you are in a CPA working with different clients and constantly on the go, this facility is quite essential. Though QuickBooks Online permits only one company per subscription and you will need a new account to sign up for the second company.

Switching between multiple companies

We can use QuickBooks Online to track our expenses and entire accounting books for more than one business as a time. We can do this all within one instance of QuickBooks Online. Technically, this is not something that QuickBooks Online can do but methodologies can be developed which can allow you to do so. This is an advanced technique with a potential pitfall, but it can be also be precisely implemented with the right guidance. If you do it correctly, you can save costs as you do not need to get multiple subscriptions for different companies. All information for many businesses can be accessible through one account.

As mentioned, the simplest way to work with multiple companies is login to your respective company profiles. Just turn on your location tracking. It was originally designed for one employee ID number. However, you can sign in from multiple QuickBooks Online accounts and “Switch Company” under your profile section.

When you are working with different company files, you can switch between different company files. You can see in under “previous companies” and just click on the section you want. If you want two different sets of credentials, you must create a new user IDs.

Just for the sake of security, please check with your attorney or a CPA if this is legitimate. You do not want to get any legal trouble if you want to operate QuickBooks Online this way. Ask them if you need any kind of agreement or document as data integrity must not be compromised. There is also a compliance angle to it which can be a different topic altogether.

But there is a safe and legitimate way through which you can access multiple companies with a single subscription. Host your QuickBooks desktop software on a Cloud Desktop.

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting allows multiple companies

QuickBooks Desktop hosting, you can get access to your QuickBooks data across multiple companies from anywhere anytime. Since multiple users can access the same cloud desktop simultaneously, they can work on different companies. All you need to do is pay add-on user pricing and continue using QuickBooks the way you do from a physical desktop – or even better.

If you are looking to host QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud, you can consult cloud hosting professionals which take care of your requirements. Using multiple companies from a single QuickBooks account is possible with QuickBooks Cloud desktops.

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