Why QuickBooks Enterprise Is the First Choice of Top Accountants?

QuickBooks have always been the preferred accounting software across the United States. Intuit offers QuickBooks software in different editions that are tailored for different uses. QuickBooks Pro is mainly used by small businesses with less than $1 million revenue, while QuickBooks Premier is used by moderate businesses with 2-5 QuickBooks users. But what about QuickBooks Enterprise? Is it only suitable for “enterprises” as the name suggests? Or an independent accounting professional can use it as well?

Is QuickBooks Enterprise better than other versions?

Though the Pro or Accountant version is designed for single QuickBooks users, QuickBooks Enterprise is the first choice for top accounting professionals. QuickBooks Enterprise is the highest version of QuickBooks and therefore has the most accomplished features to suit the needs of accountants, entrepreneurs, contractors, and financial organizations. It has several features such as managing inventories, accounts payable, managing payrolls designed to offer end-to-end accounting solutions. Being the most advanced version of QuickBooks, the Enterprise version has the distinction of being the only version that can be used by anyone without compromising any essential features. Its characteristics are designed depending on the business type.

This is the primary reason why many businesses including wholesalers, contractors, accounting professionals, manufacturers depend on the QuickBooks Enterprise version. If the businesses use QuickBooks Pro or Premier, they must upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise when they outgrow their current requirements. QuickBooks Enterprise has a user-friendly interface and all the features are very easy to use for even laypeople who do not come from accounting backgrounds. Also, there is a misconception that QuickBooks Enterprise is cloud-based and not offered on-premises. QuickBooks Enterprise is a pure desktop version, though it is also offered as a cloud-based solution. As it offers greatly flexible, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is preferred by independent accountants who are on top of their game.

What are the advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise?

Though Intuit has clearly defined the use of versions and its specific demographic, QuickBooks Enterprise can be used by everyone because of its wide range of industry-level expertise. Organizations can meet their growing demands of scalability whenever required with QuickBooks Enterprise. There are a plethora of advantages that make QuickBooks Enterprise an effective solution, better than other QuickBooks versions.

  • Superior reporting and financial management

    You can see all your bank transactions and the final view of your revenue in one place. You can enter transactions of your expenditure and cash flow, allowing the software to do the rest. There are plenty of user templates which can be used instantly, without the need to spend hours on formatting the reports. The Company Snapshot feature allows you to see all the company information in one place. Evaluate your business performance in real-time with over 150 standardized reports.

    There are more reporting features that are exclusive to QuickBooks Enterprise. Some of the features are: Various reports from different companies can be combined at one place, automatic bill payment, expense tracking, Intuit Statement Writer, custom-generated reports, downloading debit/credit card transactions, and more.

  • Secure and easy-to-manage access controls

    QuickBooks Enterprise holds tight access over admin controls. Permissions can be provided to trusted people on a role-based scenario. Different user profiles are built with templates available within the QBE. The central admin panel makes it easier for you to manage permissions for role-based access.

  • Managing payrolls

    QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easier for the human resources department by identifying employee data and integrates other payroll software for a smoother payroll process. It monitors the employee information from a centralized location, contains default documents of organization policy, and ready-to-print federal forms. With QuickBooks Enterprise, the entire payroll process is quick, accurate, and simple.

  • Managing multiple vendors simultaneously

    Top accountants always want to save time and get things done as quickly as possible. Delegate unimportant tasks to subordinates or let the software take care of it. Getting vendor information instantaneously and adding/removing vendors, customizing fields for better monitoring, and such features save a lot of energy and effort. Once an order is completed, payment can be done through QuickBooks which is directly linked to the bank account. If everything is stored in one place, it becomes very convenient to manage multiple vendors without confusion.

  • Inventory Tracking

    With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can make all the subassemblies at once without the need of making individual entries. Other advanced inventory features such as customized reports, comprehensive supply chain reports, real-time snapshots, barcode creation, and more.

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