Why Do CPAs Prefer QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition?

QuickBooks Enterprise is the most advanced and flexible accounting software developed by Intuit for small and medium businesses. It is available as a customized industry solution for businesses in various verticals such as retailers, manufacturers, and wholesale companies, non-profit organizations, professional services, contractors. Although the solution can be used for generic accounting tasks, the Accountant Edition adds unique features that are tailor-made for accounting businesses. In this article, we give you four reasons to use QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant on Apps4Rent hosted desktops.

What Are The Unique Features of QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants?

QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants edition is a solution for accounting practitioners to get more done for their clients faster with powerful tools. Here are some of its unique features.

  • Client Data Review

    Client Data Review is a tool designed for accountants to help them review, identify, and rectify client data file errors. It can be used as a control panel for testing files and detecting errors. Accountants can quickly identify discrepancies in account balances, simultaneously reclassify several transactions, track changes in lists such as Chats of Accountants, Fixed Asset Items, Payroll, and so on. Additionally, wrong sales tax and payroll tax records can be corrected easily, and undeposited funds accounts can be cleared from one screen.

  • QuickBooks File Manager

    QuickBooks File Manager is an application that simplifies tasks related to file management and version control such as securing user credentials for company files, upgrades, and bulk actions. One of the most important features of the QuickBooks File Manager application is the Password Vault which can store the credentials for company files. It simplifies upgrades by allowing users to select multiple company files simultaneously thus saving time. Settings and directories can be saved for faster access in the event of a data loss using QuickBooks File Manager.

  • Accountant Center

    The Accountant Center in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant solution is an interface comprising of all the commonly used tools and features for accountants. Users can add and remove a range of tools including those used with Client Data Review. Accountants can reconcile data for different accounts such as those for banks and credit cards with easily available information such as the date of last reconciliation, current and reconciled balance. Additionally, users can view and print memorized reports and get quick updates for the product within the Accountant Center.

  • Simplified Journal Entry

    Accountants often have to make minor changes in books for clients. This can be done in the company file of the client that can then be emailed for the clients to replicate changes in their books. This feature available in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition can be used for setting up account balances, adding corrections to daily bookkeeping, and making minor adjustments to financial data. The general journal entries can be emailed as attachments and can be imported into the client’s company files for serving as reminders.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition is one of the most comprehensive accounting solutions with its unique features tailored for accounting firms and practitioners. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent offers QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition on virtual desktops at the best prices that businesses can use to access the desktop solution from anywhere with any device. We provide 24/7 hosting service assistance via phone, chat, and email. Contact us to know more about QuickBooks on the cloud.

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