OBS vs vMix. Which Software Can Solve Your Streaming Needs Better?

If you own a broadcasting website and want to live stream events, you will need the right software to make that possible. There are several live-streaming software packages that allow you to stream your videos online. Some of them may cost you while some others are free of cost. To find out which software addresses your needs better, you must first discover which features are more important to you and your business. This blog post will discuss two of the widely used live-streaming software packages – OBS and vMix. OBS is short for Open Broadcast Software, while vMix is an abbreviated form of Video Mix.

How Do These Software Packages Differ in Terms of Cost?

While there are many similarities and differences to compare regarding OBS and vMix, one of the significant differences is their costs. Talking about the costs, OBS is open-source software, whereas vMix costs you around 60 USD. vMix does allow you to use its features for free for 90 days without adding a watermark via its free version, but for any sort of extended use, you will have to shift to its paid version. Though the cost of these packages alone may not help you determine which software to settle for, it can be a helpful factor as most of us are concerned about the budget.

To not miss anything, vMix also has a professional version that costs you around 1200 USD. This version has tons of useful features, which appeals to many broadcasters despite the high price of the software.

How OBS and vMix are Different in Terms of Support?

While comparing two of the best live-streaming software packages, you may like to check how they support various systems. Generally, Windows is the first choice of broadcasters worldwide when it comes to video production and hosting. Currently, vMix supports only Windows operating system while OBS is available for Linux and Mac systems too. In case you use either of the latter two systems, you would be willing to go for OBS rather than investing much time learning more about vMix.

Since OBS is compatible with most of the commonly used operating systems, it can be used on a wide range of machines. As a result, OBS has a vast community that can be approached for help on issues, discussion about tools, and providing feedback.

A Broad Overview of Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits OBS vMix vMix Pro
Color correction No Yes Yes
GT Title Designer No Yes Yes
Instant Reply No No Yes
NDI Inputs Unlimited 3 3000
Number of Inputs Unlimited 4 1000
Overlay Channels No 1 4
SRT Outputs No Yes Yes
Streams 1 3 3

Finally, which of these Two Software Packages is Better in Terms of Streaming Experiences?

There are certainly a few points that make these software packages different than each other altogether when it comes to streaming. Most importantly, vMix offers you three simultaneous video streams and this could be a cost-effective alternative to an add-on service such as Restream with OBS. Unlike vMix, OBS offers one single stream instead of three. However, OBS’s stream can be taken to perfection as you get the ability to set the bitrate at the level you prefer. Both packages offer a variety of Content Delivery Network integrations that enable you to log into a CDN like YouTube or Facebook and then stream directly. You aren’t required to recover your secret key every time you want to live-stream something. This makes the user experience more convenient.

Graphics play a vital role when it comes to live-streaming software. Both OBS and vMix programs offer eye-soothing graphics, but evidently, there are some key differences. OBS doesn’t offer any stock graphics while vMix comes equipped with tons of them. OBS houses gorgeous live streams that can be enhanced with After Effects and Adobe Photoshop while vMix provides you with a pair of powerful tools that make both graphics and animated titling easier. These addon tools are known as GT Title Designer and vMix Social.

How Apps4Rent can Make the Streaming Journey of your Videos and Events Convenient and Delightful?

Today, you need software services that are available to you 24/7. Also, these services must be accessible from disparate geographical locations through a range of devices such as a mobile, tablet, or even a desktop. Apps4Rent hosts broadcasting software on virtual desktops, enabling you to enjoy the features of streaming software like OBS and vMIx right when you need them and right from where you are. Apps4Rent offers special plans for dedicated OBS hosting. We can also host video broadcasting applications like vMix on virtual machines running on Azure as well as our top tier data centers. You can reach out to our support teams for hosting plan inquiries available round-the-clock via email, chat, or phone calls.


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