How to Choose between OBS and Lightstream Studio?

The selection of broadcasting software can become tricky if not given proper attention to their features and how they address your requirements. The live streaming application you choose to broadcast your events and videos must be flexible to set up and use. There is a broad range of open source as well as paid programs on the internet that allow you to record motion pictures and audios and then stream them across various platforms. This article talks about the key differences between open broadcaster software studio (abbreviated as OBS) and Lightstream Studio.

What is OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is an open-source live streaming application and is popular among broadcasters around the world for its rich features. Also, having the source code allows seamless integration with custom applications. Many advance streaming solutions carry functionality and experience from OBS. OBS Studio offers extensive features including but not limited to recording, encoding, and scene composition in addition to its basic functionality of live streaming your videos. OBS allows users to use its features for free. Also, it lets them add advanced capabilities through add-on services. Over time, OBS has established itself as the leader in the world of broadcasting software solutions. What’s more? It supports more platforms, devices, and operating systems than any of its competitors.

Why Choose OBS Studio?

There would be hardly any content manager who broadcasts video content over social media and is still unfamiliar with OBS studio. This streaming software is effortless to use, thanks to its neat, clean, and customizable interface. With different settings and options, OBS Studio allows you to manage the quality of the videos and events that are being streamed. This live streaming software package has a vast pool of plugins and filters shared by its large community. Thus, you get multiple options to make your videos more immersive. Plus, OBS studio is an open-source software to help you keep the expenses involved in live streaming to the bare minimum.

What is Lightstream Studio?

Lightstream is a broadcasting software with similar functionality to OBS Studio with different features. It is a powerful and intuitive live streaming application that you can use within your browser. This means you get rid of technical glitch that involves downloading, installing, and setting up. It allows you to create professional and impressive live streams. Though the sources are picked from your computer, composition, and encoding is performed on Lightstream servers. As a result, your local machine is not used heavily, and you get fine-quality streams in lesser CPU usage.

Is Lightstream better than OBS studio?

OBS studio offers a range of features that make your live streaming experience convenient and delightful, but it does involve downloading and setup. Lightstream, on the other hand, is a browser-based application. Slick overlays, guest hosting, live chat support, and compatibility with widely used streaming tools such as Streamlabs are some of the features of Lightstream for advanced users. If you need live streaming software to use while on the go, Lightstream can be of your interest. However, similar portability and multi-device support can be achieved with OBS too. To do so, you may consider choosing OBS Studio and hosting it in the cloud.

How Apps4Rent helps your live stream software meet your streaming requirements?

It can be difficult to make a choice between OBS studio and Lightstream studio as they both have their own pros and cons. OBS can be difficult to configure, especially for beginners, while Lightstream doesn’t require configuration. Lightstream doesn’t use much of CPU space but fails to provide as many features as OBS. If you want to enjoy the tons of features offered by OBS studio without compromising with the lightness and portability that Lightstream offers, you can do so by subscribing to dedicated OBS hosting plans offered by Apps4Rent. We can also host other video streaming solutions on virtual machines running on Azure and our top tier data centers. Reach out to App4Rent customer support to enquire about the hosting plans. We are available around the clock over email, chats, and phone calls.


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