Microsoft Exchange Server Version 2007 – Advantages Over Version 2003

MS Exchange Server 2007 has a long list of features that truly benefit its users. Security is one of the major concerns, when it comes to email, data, and computers. When you buy MS Exchange Server or its hosting equivalent, you can be little relaxed and keeps your worries aside with respect to security. Exchange Server 2007 includes exceptional security enhancements to fortify all data. Destructive and damaging threats including virus spam, hackers and firewall infiltration could be easily prevented by using this server for handling business e-mail.

Considering all these benefits and advantages, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, outsourced or in-house, may be considered as the best and trustworthy business communication and mail management software. The e-mail system is completely protected and users can avail complete utilization of their desktop. The value added benefits of Exchange Server include calendaring, e-mail, contacts, tasks, mobile support, data storage, easy web based access and several more.

An earlier product, the MS Exchange Server 2003 made its debut earlier in the decade and established itself firmly in many companies. Microsoft Exchange 2003 can be executed on 32 Bit Win Server 2003 and Win 2000 Server. The Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 was designed with several compatibility modes, which allowed the users to move on to the new system. Exchange Server 2003 is available primarily in two branded versions. One is the Standard Edition, whereas the other is the Enterprise Edition. Both versions have their own quality features and pricing and you can decide which will the best match for your requirements.

A recently introduced MS Exchange product is the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. With extensive new features, this server was released in the end of 2006 to benefit all business consumers. Microsoft Exchange 2007 was formulated with new clustering options, voice mail integration, 64 bit support intended for better scalability, integrated search with web, enhanced filtering options and the latest Outlook Interface. Like any other hosted or dedicated exchange server, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, comes with well tested list of features. Here are some benefits of MS Exchange Server 2007:

Ø Remarkable reduction of virus, spam and hackers
Ø Improved reliability and easy communication flow
Ø Improved productivity with quick work response
Ø Seamless interface of new style of Outlook
Ø Easy integration of Exchange Server Data with Web Services

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