How to Create Live Events in MS Stream with OBS Studio?

Microsoft Stream is a video streaming service native to Microsoft 365, designed to deliver live and on-demand virtual content. Microsoft Stream provides you with ways to communicate and engage with your audience through intelligent videos in real-time. The service allows you to create live events using OBS Studio for up to ten thousand attendees. This article will help you evaluate how you can broadcast your videos from your corporate video portal or intranet with OBS Studio and reach your audience via Microsoft Stream.

What Are the Advantages of MS Stream?

Microsoft Stream enables you to engage with your customers and workforce through broadcasts, conferences, webinars, and online video content. The streaming service helps you deliver a seamless experience across web and mobile interface for up to ten thousand attendees. Your customers and employees can participate from anywhere, using any device, and watch your events in real-time. You can share your screen activities as well as an event that is taking place at this very moment. Features such as face detection, speech to text, and auto-generated closed captions provide multiple ways to search a video and reach relevant content quickly.

How Does MS Stream Provide a Platform for Impactful Video Communication?

Microsoft Stream helps you keep all your videos organized in one place so that your audience across the organization can access them using the Stream application or other applications they use every day. The service adds value to communication by rendering personalities and emotions on the user’s screen and not just text messages. You can use Microsoft Stream to collaborate more effectively by placing video recordings of training sessions, team meetings, and more, in all your apps. With the ability to incorporate OBS Studio, MS Stream allows you to customize your videos and improve the broadcast quality.

Why OBS Studio is Considered as a Gold Standard of Streaming Software?

OBS Studio is a video recording and live streaming application distributed under the GPLv2 license. You can view, access, modify, and distribute the source code of OBS as you see fit. In other words, OBS Studio is free to use for anyone, for any reason. There are different versions of OBS Studio designed to support all popular operating systems. OBS Studio creates professional streams using the input captured through the desktop screen, webcam, and microphone. OBS Studio is used by video creators, streamers, and keen gamers across the globe, resulting in a vast OBS community.

What Are the Advantages of Connecting OBS Studio with MS Stream?

Connecting OBS Studio with MS Stream gives you the power to easily broadcast live events by sharing footage created by your computer screen or webcam. For streaming high-profile events, you can also connect OBS Studio with professional DSLR cameras, multiple video sources, and more. OBS Studio boasts of two robust feature-sets for video and audio enhancement. Features such as Studio Mode and Multiview allow you to work on your video, while Surround Sound and Multichannel streaming features enable you to tweak the audio output.

How to Go Live on Microsoft Stream Using OBS Studio?

Microsoft Stream allows you to create, schedule, and run live events using an RTMP encoder – OBS Studio. The steps outlined here guide you to create a live event in Microsoft Stream and produce it in OBS Studio.

Create an Event in MS Stream

  1. Go to the Microsoft Stream page in a browser and log in to your work account.
  2. Click on the + Create tab and select Live event from the drop-down.
  3. Select your preferred language from the given options and click on Save.
  4. It takes you to the event page. On the Event setup panel, enter the appropriate information in all the given fields.
  5. Select Producer view, and then click on Encoder setup.
  6. Copy the Server Ingest URL required for configuring OBS Studio.

Configure OBS Studio

  1. Start OBS Studio.
  2. Open Settings and click on Stream.
  3. Paste the Server Ingest URL into the URL input box.
  4. Enter 123456 in the Stream key box.
  5. Click OK to close the Settings window.

Start the Live Event

  1. Go back to Microsoft Stream and click on Start setup.
  2. Wait until it’s ready to connect.
  3. Go to OBS Studio and click on Start Streaming.
  4. Switch to MS Stream and wait until the preview appears and the event is ready to stream. Click on Start event.
  5. Your event will start streaming. Once the event is over, you can stop streaming by clicking on End event.

All streamed events are saved for on-demand viewing and easy access through MS Stream.

Cloud Hosting Takes Productivity of OBS to the Next Level

The diverse features and versatility of OBS Studio allow it to pair up with different software applications easily. It helps you to broadcast high-quality videos on several public and private platforms. Dedicated OBS hosting allows the software to facilitate extensive use, optimum mobility, and on-demand scalability. With hosted OBS Studio, you can stream your events from any device, from anywhere, without thinking twice about the availability of physical resources. At Apps4Rent, we have a team of OBS hosting experts to help you host your software in the cloud efficiently. We also have a team of Microsoft Certified Engineers to help you select and deploy the right Microsoft 365 plan for MS Stream. We are available 24/7 for hosting plans and software deployment inquiries. Contact us today.


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