LedgerSync Integration with QuickBooks

LedgerSync is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses to extract and consolidate clients’ bank data. It allows businesses to connect to clients’ credit card and bank feeds allowing a full collection of transactions, and check images, deposits, receipts, and statements all in one dashboard thus saving a significant amount of time, ensuring the accuracy of financial reports, and improving a business’s overall financial management. It also saves the hassle of having to examine each transaction from every bank separately. In this article, we will discuss how to integrate LedgerSync with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating LedgerSync with QuickBooks?

Advantages of integrating LedgerSync with QuickBooks are:

  • Allows businesses to reconcile bank transactions in QuickBooks with the original PDF Bank Statements.
  • OCR Bank Statements and push categorized transactions can be imported into QuickBooks GL for each client.
  • Allows businesses to upload up to 24 months of bank statements into QuickBooks.
  • Enables exporting data to cloud platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive.

How to Integrate LedgerSync with QuickBooks?

These are the steps for integrating LedgerSync with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Log into your LedgerSync account.
  • Click on the “Manage Client Management” icon and select “Add New Client.”
  • Enter the client’s name, and email, and select one of the options to email the client.
  • Next, navigate to the transactions tab.
  • Click on the “Export” button and select the “To QuickBooks” option.
  • Now, select “File/Utilities/Import/WebConnect.”
  • Find the file that LedgerSync created for you and click “Open.”
  • You will see a series of transactions waiting for your approval.
  • Finally, select the account you want the transaction to book to and click “Add.”

Apps4Rent Can Help with LedgerSync and QuickBooks Integration

Integrating LedgerSync with QuickBooks can help businesses to leverage the capabilities of both solutions to automate the process of capturing and importing bank data and streamline various accounting tasks.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent offers QuickBooks hosting services from top tier SAE-16 certified data centers in New York and New Jersey and can help businesses to integrate other applications such as LedgerSync with QuickBooks. Contact our QuickBooks specialists available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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