Joget Workflow System Requirements

Joget Workflow is an open-source application development platform that provides capabilities for rapid application development, workflow management, and business process automation. Joget requires minimal or no coding knowledge to help businesses develop, deliver, run, and maintain enterprise applications. With the drag and drop functionality, the platform allows you to build applications and automate business processes quickly. If you want to use Joget on your on-premises server, your system must meet the specifications laid out by Joget.

Which Joget Workflow Features Make It Ideal for Enterprises?

  • Joget Workflow allows business users with no programming knowledge to build, deploy, and maintain apps using features such as ‘drag and drop’ and ‘point and click.’
  • Users can also extend the software capabilities and integrate Joget with other applications using APIs and plugins.
  • Joget is simple to use, thanks to its intuitive interface, drag and drop tools, and visual features.
  • It allows you to build enterprise applications, process apps, databases, integrations, and more.
  • The software enables you to build apps that are compatible with mobile platforms as well as the cloud.
  • Users can build full-fledged CRM, HR, Healthcare, and more types of applications.

Joget Workflow Hardware Requirements

You will need hardware resources on your server depending on the complexity of the applications, processes, workflow, forms, lists, etc., that you will build using the Joget Workflow platform. However, to set up the software for up to 500 concurrent users, the initial setup will need the following server configuration.

Web Server x1

  • Intel Xeon Quad-Core – 2CPU
  • 4 GB SDRAM ECC Memory
  • Integrated Dual-Channel Ultra 2 Wide SCSI-3 Controller
  • Minimum of 300 GB of SAS HDD
  • IDE DVD ROM Drive
  • Fast Ethernet NIC PCI 10/100

Web Server x1 works as a load balancer. Alternatively, you can also deploy a hardware load balancer.

Application Server x2

  • Quad-Core Intel Xeon – 2CPU
  • 8 GB of SDRAM ECC Memory
  • Integrated Dual-Channel Ultra2 Wide SCSI-3 Controller
  • Minimum of 500 GB SAS HDD
  • IDE DVD-ROM Drive
  • Fast Ethernet NIC PCI 10/100

Database Server x1

  • Quad-Core Intel Xeon – 2CPU
  • 8 GB of SDRAM ECC Memory
  • Integrated Dual-Channel Ultra2 Wide SCSI-3 Controller
  • Minimum of 1 TB SAS HDD
  • IDE DVD-ROM Drive
  • Fast Ethernet NIC PCI 10/100

You Can Alternatively Configure Joget Workflow on a VM Environment

As the hardware requirements will largely depend on the size and complexity of your projects, it is not easy to estimate the exact number and capacity of the resources. In the long run, Joget may require several hardware upgrades or even the implementation of additional servers. Deploying a Virtual Machine (VM) can create a scalable environment and help your software deliver excellent performance even when the traffic grows.

Apps4Rent Can Help You Host Joget in a Secure and Robust Virtual Environment

Cloud infrastructure with the power of high-performance servers can configure Joget Workflow to fit ever-changing business requirements. Apps4Rent helps progressive enterprises leverage the latest cloud technologies and services. We can host Joget on a virtual desktop, enabling you to start building apps, manage workflows, and automate the business process without configuring it on-premises. We also provide virtual desktop services from Citrix and Microsoft for incredible security and performance. As a Microsoft CSP, we can also help enterprises deploy Joget on Azure for superior performance, better scalability, and improved security. Contact our hosting environment engineers, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email, for VM deployment and hosting plan inquiries.


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