How to Use InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks Desktop?

InvoiceASAP is an advanced cloud-based payment management system specifically designed for field service businesses. It offers mobile and web support for back office and field sales reps. InvoiceASAP offers tools and methods to create customized estimates and invoices, send and track them, before accepting mobile and web payments. In addition to its own online, browser-based dashboard, InvoiceASAP also integrates with leading accounting applications to streamline workflows. In this article, we will explain the advantages of using InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks Desktop.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks?

Integrating InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks Desktop eliminates double entry of data. Here are some of the advantages of integrating InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks.

  • It cuts down the time for processing invoices and payments, as businesses can create invoices, have them signed by the customer sign, and synchronize them with QuickBooks without double entry.
  • Businesses can provide customers additional payment options, especially ones that pass credit card fees using InvoiceASAP, and synchronize the payments with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Invoicing accuracy improves significantly with the invoice on-the-go option available in InvoiceASAP.
  • There are multiple sync options, including specific ones, such as the ability to synchronize specific customer information, and sales reps, apart from the regular preferences.

How to Integrate InvoiceASAP and QuickBooks Desktop?

Users need to upgrade to the InvoiceASAP Biz account to be able to use the software with QuickBooks Desktop. This is done using the InvoiceASAP QuickBooks Connector. There

Installing the InvoiceASAP QuickBooks Connector

  • Log in to the InvoiceASAP Web Dashboard and click on QuickBooks sync on the left navigation menu.
  • Click on the I’ll Set It Up Myself option on the QuickBooks Onboarding pop-up.
  • Select the appropriate option to use Item Codes in QuickBooks, and sync invoices from QuickBooks Desktop to InvoiceASAP as the case may be.
  • If the invoices have to be synced, select the software that will take precedence when the invoices have to be edited.
  • Select the appropriate option to synchronize payments from QuickBooks to InvoiceASAP and vice versa.
  • Choose whether or not to synchronize customer information updated in InvoiceASAP to QuickBooks.
  • Select Yes, if you use sales reps, and click on Next to proceed.
  • Finally, backup QuickBooks, and click on the Download button.
  • Install the InvoiceASAP QuickBooks Connector on the desktop with QuickBooks Desktop.

Synchronizing InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop and InvoiceASAP QuickBooks Connector.
  • Click on the Setup button on the Connector.
  • Enter the email ID and Password on the Login credentials pop-up and click on Connect.
  • Select the option, “Select Yes, Always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.” while connecting InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks for the first time, and then click on Continue.
  • Click on Done on the Access Confirmation pop-up.
  • Set up the auto-sync preferences and click on Done.
  • The synchronized items will now be available both in InvoiceASAP and QuickBooks Desktop.

Apps4Rent Can Help with QuickBooks Enterprise and Desktop Cloud Hosting

Although synchronizing InvoiceASAP with QuickBooks Desktop helps users access important data on their mobile devices, items updated in InvoiceASAP cannot be updated in QuickBooks, as the latter serves as the book of record. This could be challenging in remote environments unless businesses switch to QuickBooks Online. However, such users might have to compromise on the feature set.

The only other option is to host QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can host QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise in our top-tier SSAE-16 data centers for secure remote access. Contact our QuickBooks specialists available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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