NetSuite to QuickBooks Data Conversion

NetSuite and QuickBooks Desktop are dissimilar products. While the two systems share some records, many of them, with different names, businesses that need to migrate data from NetSuite to QuickBooks require expert assistance. There are many challenges involved in the process. One of the most daunting challenges is the large quantities of dissimilar data that have to be migrated from NetSuite to QuickBooks. Information like Customer List, Vendor List, Inventory List, Costs, Average costs, Chart of Accounts, Accounts Receivable, that is available on QuickBooks must be converted from the former system. There are many factors for consideration and the migration is best done by experts. Let us consider what NetSuite to QuickBooks migration involves.

Requirement Gathering

The kickoff phase involves a series of meetings in which Apps4Rent engineers work with customers to identify the right QuickBooks product. QuickBooks Desktop is available in QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and Quick Books Enterprise variants. Depending on the data on NetSuite and the features the customer expects for their accounting solution, our experts will identify the right QuickBooks solutions and any add-ons if required before you migrate data from NetSuite to QuickBooks.

Importing NetSuite Data

In this phase, compatible NetSuite records from NetSuite Entities, NetSuite Accounting, NetSuite Activities, NetSuite Transactions, and other data will be converted to QuickBooks compliant format so that you can work with the historical data. At this stage, you will already have the QuickBooks software license and can work with new data. Depending on the quantity of data and the complexity of the migration process, you might have to do double entries on your old system for a brief period until QuickBooks has been customized to your needs.

Onboarding and Training

QuickBooks is admittedly an easy-to-use software. However, transitioning from NetSuite to QuickBooks accounting could require familiarization. Once you have QuickBooks installed on your systems, you can start with the basic operations in the onboarding phase itself. However, the newly customized workflows for Inventory Management, Field Service Management, and other advanced features could require further assistance. Work with QuickBooks experts to optimize the newly available features to suit your business requirements and train your employees to use them.

Migration Data Review

Once the migration is complete, check if all the reports and the accompanying data that you require to be transferred out of NetSuite is available on QuickBooks. The migration could involve the use of APIs and third-party tools, and it is not uncommon to find discrepancies. Keep the communication channels with your migration partner open until you have confirmed that all the data you require from NetSuite is available in QuickBooks while maintaining data integrity. Some data might have to be moved independently either manually or using tools.

Maintenance and On-Going Support

Most QuickBooks migration partners will let you get accustomed to the software and revert to you for feedback. Use this time to explore the functionalities and point out issues that you might be facing with QuickBooks. This time can also be gainfully used to confirm that you have all the data you need to run operations. If there is additional data that you need from the legacy system, you can request your partner to try and retrieve it provided it is still operational. Some of the better service providers will maintain on-going support depending on your service level agreements (SLA) with them.

Apps4Rent Can Help NetSuite Users Adopt QuickBooks

Apps4Rent is not only a QuickBooks Solutions Provider (QSP) but also a trusted Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider that assists businesses with QuickBooks solutions on high-availability virtual desktops. Our experts not only help you identify and implement the right QuickBooks solution for your business but will also help you host your data on our high-availability servers. We provide round-the-clock assistance via phone, chat, and email at no additional cost. Contact us today for promotional prices on QuickBooks hosting and licenses once you are ready to migrate from NetSuite to QuickBooks.

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