Azure Table Storage vs Azure Queue Storage. What to Use?

Azure Storage offers cost-efficient solutions for flexible, scalable data storage. There are several distinct solutions for storing different types of data. The number of choices available can be bewildering for most businesses and even seasoned database admins. We have touched upon the differences between Azure Blob Storage vs File Storage. In this blog, let us understand the finer nuances in the comparison between Azure Table Storage vs Azure Queue Storage.

What Is Azure Table Storage?

Azure Table Storage is a cloud solution for storing NoSQL data. It provides a service for storing key/attribute using a schema-less design. This model allows users to manipulate data in a way that is suitable to meet the requirements applications as they scale and evolve. Storing and retrieving data is much more efficient and cost-effective than existing SQL solutions particularly when large volumes of data are involved.

Azure Table Storage is the recommended solution when datasets require a high degree of flexibility for applications that require storing of diverse metadata for service requests. This could include information on devices, address books, and web applications among others. The capacity of the Azure Storage amount is the only restriction on the number of tables that can be created and the entities that can be stored.

Why Use Azure Table Storage?

Azure Table Storage is the ideal solution for storing semi-structured datasets required for the process of rapid development.

Here are some reasons for using Azure Table Storage.

  • Users can store and scale up to several petabytes of semi-structured data without having to shard their existing datasets manually. With geo-redundant storage that ensures that there are multiple copies of data that can be in different regions, there is high availability of large scale of data at lower costs.
  • Cloud applications can be created without locking down schemas as each row of a table can be structurally different. This results in greater flexibility in application evolution without downtime.
  • When several users are updating data, everyone will see the latest updates in real-time making Azure Table Storage the ideal solution for enterprise applications.
  • Azure Table Storage is a developer-friendly solution that not only supports client libraries for developing applications using .NET, Python, Ruby, and other languages but also includes advanced capabilities for storing, querying, and locking data.

What Is Azure Queue Storage?

Azure Queue Storage is a message queuing service for storing and retrieving large volumes of messages on the cloud using HTTP/ HTTPS authentication calls. With the ability to store millions of messages up to 64 KB in a queue scalable to the capacity of the account, Azure queues are an efficient solution to create work backlogs that can be processed asynchronously.

Why Use Azure Queue Storage?

Azure Queue Storage is an ideal solution for messaging applications that need to store high volumes of data and process them asynchronously. Here are some compelling reasons to use Azure Queue Storage for messaging solutions.

  • It facilitates asynchronous communication between decoupled components of applications that are independent of the platform on which they are running. Consequently, there is better durability in workload queuing at lower costs.
  • Messages can be buffered and picked by other nodes even when certain components of the application’s architecture malfunction so that the integrity of the workload is intact. This helps in increasing application scalability while increasing its resilience to component failure.
  • Azure Queue Storage is elastic and burstable. Service deployments can be managed by deploying or hibernating worker nodes on demand thereby optimizing server resource utilization.

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