QuickBooks Online Audit Log: Features, Use Cases and Benefits

QuickBooks Online meticulously maintains a record of your activities through the audit log, offering transparency into alterations made to your financial records. This invaluable tool allows users to discern the identities behind changes made to their books and the specifics of each modification.

Delving deeper into the intricacies of the audit log, QuickBooks Online not only captures financial transactions in the chart of accounts but also comprehensively records account activities. This encompasses user sign-ins, adjustments to QuickBooks settings, modifications to customer, supplier, employee details and submissions related to payroll. The audit log encapsulates essential information, including the date of changes, the user responsible, the type of event, the associated customer or supplier and original transaction details such as date and amount. Events logged in the audit trail remain accessible for a span of two years.

It’s noteworthy that sign-outs are exclusively recorded in the audit log when explicitly selected, and not when the browser is closed, another website is visited or QuickBooks automatically signs out due to inactivity.

How To Use QuickBooks Online Audit Logs?

To harness the power of the audit log, users must assume the role of an administrator. Accessing the log involves navigating to Settings and selecting Audit log. The page provides fields to filter results based on user, date or events, facilitating a tailored exploration of the recorded data. The audit log presents 150 records at a time, and for a more detailed view of transactions or events, users can select “View” in the History column to delve into the audit history, unveiling the instigator and the nature of the modification.

In an attempt to understand user profiles created by QuickBooks, users may encounter automatically generated profiles, each serving a unique purpose in the audit log. These include:

  1. Online Banking Administration: Documents changes related to connected bank accounts automatically made by QuickBooks Online.
  2. Support Representative: Chronicles changes executed by a QuickBooks Online support consultant.
  3. System Administration: Records automatic changes made by QuickBooks Online, triggered by various actions such as record modifications affecting others, third-party app integrations, creation of recurring transactions, and automatic events set up when not signed in.
  4. Import Administration: Captures automatic changes associated with the conversion of data from QuickBooks Desktop edition.

It’s imperative to note that, for audit and security reasons, the audit log cannot be disabled, ensuring a robust and secure record of all activities within QuickBooks Online.

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