Using QQube with QuickBooks Hosting for Accelerated Insights

QQube is a small business analytics tool for QuickBooks. It enables you to quickly build reports from your QuickBooks data using drag and drop features. The software solves many use cases including exporting real-time data to applications like Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Tableau, and Crystal Reports, enabling you to manage your data better and make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Most progressive businesses host QuickBooks in a virtual environment for anytime, anywhere access. If you are one such business and willing to use QQube with hosted QuickBooks, this article can help.

Why Use QuickBooks in a Cloud-Hosted Environment?

The desktop versions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks Desktop Pro and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, offer a robust feature-set for accountants, CPAs, and small and medium businesses. QuickBooks helps users efficiently track business transactions and manage their books for auditing, compliance, and tax purposes. When QuickBooks is installed on-premises, businesses miss on various benefits such as 24/7 access, device independence, and multi-user support. Furthermore, locally hosted QuickBooks has limited scope for scaling, leading to a significant drop in performance upon heavy use. Hosting QuickBooks on a virtual machine in the cloud and accessing it via the internet is among the best practices to avoid all the issues concerning the local installation.

How to Use QQube with Hosted QuickBooks?

If you are planning to use QQube for advanced analytics and reporting features with your QuickBooks Desktop solution that is hosted in the cloud, you will have to host QQube in the same environment. The cloud services give you the power to install and run your applications in the remote data centers and access them from anywhere using a connected device.

For example, Apps4Rent is a QuickBooks hosting service provider that can assist you in the deployment of your QuickBooks Desktop software in a secure hosted environment. QQube and QuickBooks can be supported on the same virtual machine. The hosting service provider can ensure that the applications can be accessed using any device. It is important to note that only the multi-user subscription model of QQube allows you to host it in a virtual environment.

What Are the Advantages of Using QQube with QuickBooks?

Easier Access to Your Information

QQube reduces the time and complexity it takes to transfer and convert raw data into reports and analytics outside of QuickBooks.

Real-Time Data Sync

QQube syncs data locally for any number of QuickBooks files, making sure that your information is available through your desktop or the cloud, even when QuickBooks isn’t running.

QuickBooks Functionality Enhancement

Connecting QQube with QuickBooks helps you gain meaningful insights into customer data, buying patterns, job costing, inventory management, financial reporting, auditing, and more.

Host Your Accounting and Data Analytics Tools in the Cloud

The key to using QuickBooks and QQube for competitive advantage is to run them on a cloud platform. Running QQube and QuickBooks in the cloud also ensures far better performance and data security as compared to installing the applications on your local computers shared by your users. Apps4Rent is one of the leading Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosts, for hosting QuickBooks solutions and connected programs. With our managed services, we host, monitor, and maintain the virtual desktop hosting the applications. Contact our software hosting experts, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.

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