NewViews Vs QuickBooks – Which Software Is Better?

Are you looking for ideal accounting software for your organization? You can consider using NewViews or QuickBooks. Both the feature-rich programs attempt to solve your business-specific accounting needs and succeed to a great extent. If you are finding it tough to make a choice between the two, a discussion about their features, the flexibility of use, and potential benefits can provide insights that can help you recognize the one designed to fit into your business’s existing infrastructure.

Why Choose QuickBooks?

QuickBooks provides you with tools to keep track of your business transactions and organize data for reporting and analytics. Software capabilities include accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, tax planning, customer management, and more. QuickBooks integrates with tons of native and third-party services to help you run your business. You can deploy the software to manage customer records, track inventory, manage warehouse activities, run payroll, and tax compliance, apart from streamlining accounting processes.

What Must You Know About NewViews?

NewViews is a fully integrated accounting software that can be customized to adapt to your business. The primary features of the software include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. NewViews offers flexible reporting tools for analyzing data for any period ranging from daily to yearly. The NewViews accounting solution lets you reorganize your accounting data as your needs change, irrespective of the size of your business or type of the industry.

What Sets Them Apart from Each Other?

Both QuickBooks and NewViews offer an extensive range of features to help you conduct accounting processes and grow your business. Yet, there are some crucial factors that differentiate them. Let’s have a look at what unique features each software program has to offer.

User-Friendly Interface

QuickBooks has an intuitive interface that allows you to operate the software with the utmost ease. Controls are easy to spot and visually appealing, making your experience a lot convenient. On the other hand, NewViews has a file-explorer-like interface of Windows systems, which requires you to pay extra attention while issuing a command using the pull-down menus. With graphs and charts, QuickBooks provides plenty of insights in a single glance, while NewViews represents data in rows and columns, which requires a considerable amount of time in reading and reviewing reports.

Supported Operating Systems

NewViews is compatible with Windows Operating System only, while QuickBooks is designed to work efficiently on both Mac and Windows. Neither of the software programs in the comparison support installation on a Linux machine. However, QuickBooks can be hosted in the cloud and used on any device based on Linux, Android, iOS, or any other operating system. NewViews doesn’t perform well on virtual machines, even when the VM is equipped with high-end hardware.

Creating and Printing Reports

NewViews relies on a third-party application – Microsoft Excel – for printing reports, which doesn’t always go right. Some users find it difficult to export a report to a specific version of Excel. QuickBooks, on the other hand, has inbuilt features for printing reports. QuickBooks also allows you to create your own reports using templates.

Industry-Specific Features

NewViews allows you to customize various aspects of your books to suit your business and industry. However, this flexibility comes with a trade-off as the software is perceived to have a steep learning curve. NewViews may require a great deal of time and effort to enable you to customize your accounting software to fit your business requirements. In contrast, QuickBooks Desktop, with its Enterprise version, offers various editions tailored for industries such as retail, non-profit, manufacturing, and wholesale. The dedicated version of QuickBooks can provide businesses in particular niches use the right tools to convert accounting data into meaningful insights and business growth.

Why Host Your Accounting Software on a Virtual Desktop?

NewViews makes its case with extensive customization features, while QuickBooks stands out with its time-efficient and intuitive user interface. Deciding which software to purchase can get easy with the study of your business requirements and the features discussed in this article. If you choose QuickBooks, hosting it on a virtual desktop can add flexibility and scalability to its features and improve its performance. As an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Host, Apps4Rent can help you host QuickBooks Desktop solutions in the cloud. Contact our hosting specialists available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.

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