How To Convert Sage 50/ Peachtree to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks and Sage are two of the most widely used accounting solutions. Both software have a range of products that are designed for businesses of different sizes. Peachtree has now been rebranded Sage50cloud Accounting which includes accounting solutions similar to those in QuickBooks. Although both solutions are equally good, some businesses switch their accounting software for reasons ranging from costs to convenience. Moving company data from one solution to another sounds like a daunting challenge considering the variations in the quantity and data types that are supported by different software. Thankfully, it is less so Peachtree to QuickBooks conversion. This writeup should give you an overview of how to convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop.

Requirements of Sage 50/ Peachtree to QuickBooks Desktop Conversion

The Sage 50 to QuickBooks conversion can be done natively using the QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool. The tool works for converting Sage 50, version 2013, or higher into QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premium, or Enterprise 2016 and their subsequent releases. It requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM and at least 2.5 GB of free hard disk space in a system that supports at least Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0. While it can run on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, it is recommended to install both Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop on a system running on Windows 10.

Preparing for Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop Conversion

  • The first step of converting Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop is to ensure that both software are installed on the same computer.
  • The data folder and .exe files for both QuickBooks and Sage 50 along with the company data and other backups should be in the local hard drive of the computer on which QuickBooks.

Preparing Sage 50 For Conversion

  • Launch the Sage 50 application and open the file to be converted.
  • Change the password in the Data Access/Crystal Reports tab on the Security Setup.
  • Close the Peachtree/ Sage 50 application after changing the password.

Installing QuickBooks Conversion Tool

  • Download the QuickBooks Conversion Tool from the Intuit website.
  • Save it on the Desktop.
  • Launch the application with admin rights by right-clicking its icon and selecting Run as Administrator.
  • Convert Sage 50/Peachtree Data to QuickBooks

    • Select the Sage 50 files to be converted.
    • Select the QuickBooks company file to which the connection has to be established in the Database Name.
    • Pick the QuickBooks Desktop version to which the Sage data should be moved.
    • Choose an appropriate folder for saving the converted file.

    Confirmation of Conversion

    Once the tool completes the process of conversion of Sage 50 files to QuickBooks data, you can open the newly created company file in QuickBooks. Follow the steps below to confirm that the process was successful.

    • Open the File Explorer from the Windows start menu.
    • Search for the failed transaction log in the folder created for QuickBooks when the conversion process was initiated.
    • If there are no missing entities, there is no further action needed for working with QuickBooks.

    Hosted Accounting Software

    Both Sage50 Accounting and QuickBooks Desktop are desktop accounting solutions that are installed on local systems. They depend on the resources of the machines on which they are installed for optimal performance. Installing them on a hosted desktop can reduce the IT and hardware costs of running these applications while increasing their efficacy apart from enabling remote access to these desktop-based solutions. Apps4Rent not only guarantees reliable hosting services for both Sage 50 Accounting and QuickBooks Desktop but also provides QuickBooks licenses at promotional prices as a trusted QuickBooks Solutions Provider (QSP). Our consultants provide 24/7 support for managed hosting services via phone, chat, and email. Contact us today for more details.

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