Apps4Rent Reviews Exchange Hosting 2013 Features

Apps4Rent has entered the New Year with the launch of a host of new products such as Hosted Exchange 2013, SharePoint Server 2013, Hyper-V Server 2012, among others. This calls for a review of Microsoft Exchange 2013, which is my personal favorite. Like its predecessors, Exchange 2013 is a combination of both communication and collaboration features. It comprises all features that make communication and collaboration easier in this mobile era. Integration is possible with Microsoft Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013, Smart Search for enhanced search results, touch user interface, improved search and indexing for search across Exchange 2013, SharePoint, Lync 2013, and Windows file servers are some of the key highlights of Exchange 2013.

Here is a quick review of Hosted Exchange 2013 features

Detects and adjusts interface as per your device: The new version of Outlook Web App (OWA) now detects and adjusts its interface automatically to your device (PC, Smartphone, laptop, tablet) for a clutter-free and touch-friendly experience.

Contacts can be merged and viewed at a central location: Using Exchange 2013, you can merge your contacts from various locations into a single contact system. Thus, you can easily search for and get a single view of a person by gathering it from various locations such as address books, LinkedIn, Facebook, among others.

More powerful emails
Hosted Exchange 2013 includes new integrated applications in Outlook such as Bing Maps, as well as the action items and suggested appointments features that allow you to take full advantage of each email you compose.

Smart Search for better communication: Today social networking and speedy communication is vital. The Smart Search feature in Exchange 2013 take cues from your communication and collaboration behavior in order to throw up releveant search results.

Collaboration is made easier via integration with Lync and SharePoint: Exchange 2013  integrates easily with SharePoint 2013 and Lync 2013 via in-place discovery and site mailboxes. By integrating with SharePoint 2013, users can easily collaborate using site mailboxes. Integration with Lync 2013 allow users to archive content in Microsoft Exchange 2013 and use it is as a central point for storing contacts.

Draft messages while offline: Outlook web app  (OWA) now supports offline access. This means you can compose messages from your web browser even when you are offline and deliver it when connected to an internet connection.

Built-in Malware Protection: Malware protection is available in-built in Microsoft Exchange 2013.

Bigger Mailboxes: Exchange 2013 boasts bigger mailboxes.  It is compatible with disks space of up to 8 TB.

Data Safeguard: Exchange 2013 includes data loss prevention (DLP) feature which allows you to protect your data against losing. Furthermore, the new Outlook 2013 PolicyTips notifies users concerning policy violations before any private data is sent.

Privacy and Security: Hosted 2013 Exchange virtually meets all compliance needs. Besides, you can add new compliance policies as per your company needs.

This list of features and the excellent service and support from Apps4Rent will make Exchange 2013 hosting a wonderful experience for you users!

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