Two different ways for MS Access hosting.
Hosted desktop or hosted SharePoint.

Microsoft Access Hosting

If you are looking to share an existing Microsoft Access database application, or build one on the fly, Apps4Rent’s Microsoft Access hosting solutions will benefit you. We offer Access hosting using two different technologies: SharePoint and virtual desktop. With hosted SharePoint 2016 Enterprise, one can quickly build and publish an Access app using Access Services on SharePoint and share online with other users. As per Microsoft’s new update, Access services functionality which was available in Office 365/SharePoint Online versions will be discontinued from April 2018. Customers who have been using Access services on Office 365 platform will need to find newer solutions such as – a hosted SharePoint 2016 Enterprise solution. If you need to take online MS Access applications that were built with Access 2010 and earlier versions or need all the features of MS Access, you will need a hosted virtual desktop solution. Here’s a look at our Access hosting plans which are lowest priced in the market:

The most suitable Access hosting plan depends on the functionalities that you seek, whether you are using Access for the first time or are already invested in an older version of Access that you have used to build applications; these are some of the factors that will dictate which plan you must go for.

Essentially there are two ways in which you can get Access hosting services: Hosted Desktop and Hosted SharePoint.

Let’s first look at the Hosted SharePoint options.

SharePoint 2016 Enterprise Plan:

If you are looking for sophisticated functionalities like building Business Intelligence (BI) features such as creating dashboard functionalities or creating graphs and KPI matrices on Access, SharePoint 2016 enterprise plan starting at $9/month is the best for you. Also for users who prefer the on-prem version of SharePoint 2016 opt for the enterprise plan. It comes with full functionalities that a pure version of SharePoint 2016 offers. One advantage of the SharePoint enterprise plan over the SharePoint online plan 1 is that, the functionalities with the enterprise plan are consistent while the latter keeps changing.

Now, let’s look at the Hosted Desktop options.

Access Hosting – Standard & Enterprise Plans:

If you are already using an Access Service version like 2007 or 2010 and have invested significantly in developing Access-based application on it, you might want to opt for a Virtual Desktop environment. Businesses that opt for Standard & Enterprise Access hosting plans usually want to move the existing Access version on the cloud and avail the full-fledged functionalities in a way they would want to do on a LAN or a server-based Access mode. But your pricing will shoot up sharply up to $15/month/user, with these plans. If your existing Access version is 2007, either of these plans are the only options you have because Hosted SharePoint (both online & enterprise) are not compatible with it.

Whether you are a developer wanting to explore Access for the first time to build apps and distribute in SharePoint, or any business seeking full-fledged functionality of Access on the cloud, we have got you covered.
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Advantages of Virtual Desktops for Access Hosting

  • Online Access

  • Using the latest improvements in Microsoft Hypervisor technology, we help you take your existing Access application off your local desktop and run it seamlessly in the cloud. Each user gets to use the application through an icon on their desktop without any need for software or data installation on their PC.
  • Concurrent Access to Database by Multiple Users

  • The key benefit of hosting your Access Database on a Virtual Desktop is that you can allow multiple users to access the database concurrently on the virtual desktop without the need to have the Access installed on each user’s machine.
  • Customizable and Upgradeable Environment

  • Our Virtual Desktop environment is totally customizable and upgradeable. If needed, you can buy and integrate additional Microsoft Office Software programs with your database without worrying about installing software.
  • Compatibility with Smartphones, MacBook and other Tablets

  • With Apps4Rent’s Virtual Desktop, you can access your Access Database from any Smartphones and tablets.
  • Backup

  • We provide daily data backup on a protected network in a SAS 70 certified data center.
  • Compatible with VBA Code.

  • Unlimited Access Databases.

Give multiple users access to the database, take your Access Application to the cloud with us and feel secure with daily data backups. There’s always more to expect from Apps4Rent. Call us now @ 1-866-716-2040