Two different ways for MS Access hosting.
Hosted desktop or hosted SharePoint.

Microsoft Access Hosting

Access Services 2013 is the second generation of Access services which is built on the key improvements of SQL 2012. Apps4Rent now offers Microsoft Access 2013 Services via three ways, i.e., SharePoint Enterprise 2013 environment, sessions based desktop, and VDI. Microsoft Access Services Hosting is a database solution that augments the power of your data by allowing you to easily gather, track, report, and share your data with others.
With our Access Service, you can quickly take your Microsoft Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, or Access Database and publish it as a SharePoint web application with in no time. If you have an access database on your hard drive, share it with your team on our secured hosted SharePoint solution.


  • 99.99 % Uptime
  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Top Tier Data Centers

Easy Terms

  • No Setup Fee
  • Quick Setup
  • Month to Month Payments
  • No Long Term Contract

Access 2013 Hosting Virtual Desktop Services

Moreover, now you can also access your Access 2007, 2010, or 2013 Database online in the cloud via a terminal service or RDP. We use the latest Microsoft Hypervisor technology to create a unified operating environment for your current Access database, which makes it possible for you to run your application without alteration. With this approach, multiple users can connect simultaneously to the cloud from any PC. Also, you will get the experience of accessing the database as if it was running on your local desktop. No expensive development time or modifications are needed! Our Virtual desktop environment is completely upgradeable and customizable. You can purchase and integrate other Microsoft Office Software programs with your database and be carefree about installing software.

What’s new in Access Services in SharePoint 2013?

  • App Model

  • SharePoint 2013 has built with the culture of ‘Everything is an App’ and Access 2013 Apps are no different. These apps are independent pieces of functionality, which are easy to set up, use, upgrade, manage, and remove. In order to build an app, you just need to choose the type of data you want to track, which could be task, contacts, projects, and so on. Access application builds the database structure thorough with views that allows you to add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands are integral, which allows you to start using your app the moment you want. With Access 2013, you can still build old-style desktop databases from scratch or even you can try out a template to create an app, a desktop database, or Access 2010-style web database.
  • SQL Server

  • When Access databases are published to SharePoint, a full-sized SQL Server database is inevitably created to store the data. This means that your app will be quicker, more consistent, and will work great with large amounts of data. Advanced users, who are already acquainted with SQL Server, can directly connect to this database for advanced reporting and analysis with familiar tools such as Power View, Excel, and Crystal Reports.
  • Easier Reporting

  • With Access 2013, as all data is stored safely in SQL Server, you can use a tool of your choice to create reports. You can connect to the SQL database via ODBC and can take benefit of the skill sets you have.
  • Full-text Search

  • Access 2013 now leverages the full-text search capabilities of SQL Server 2012, which is used while people are searching for certain information via Access App.
  • Views

  • Access apps feature a refined user interface (UI) that is optimized for the web. When you build a table, Access by default creates a set of views for you to modify. The default views comprise different patterns for data entry and filtering. They comprise some features that you would have to code physically in an Access desktop database.

Some Quick Highlights of Access 2013

  • Access 2013′s favored model is the cloud. Desktop solutions are less important.
  • Access 2013 holds HTML5 + CSS +JavaScript, which combined together offers you a simplified web app development.
  • Access 2013 allows non-developers build Web applications.
  • Access 2013 can be either published to the Office App Store or to a private corporate app catalog.
  • Access 2013-based apps are now compatible with devices all of sizes, shapes, and OSs.


Why choose Apps4Rent for Access Hosting Virtual Desktop Services?


  • Online Access

  • Using the latest improvements in Microsoft Hypervisor technology, we help you take your existing Access application off your local desktop and run it seamlessly in the cloud. Each user gets to use the application through an icon on their desktop without any need for software or data installation on their PC.
  • Concurrent Access to Database by Multiple Users

  • The key benefit of hosting your Access Database on a Virtual Desktop is that you can allow multiple users to access the database concurrently on the virtual desktop without the need to have the Access installed on each user’s machine.
  • Customizable and Upgradeable Environment

  • Our Virtual Desktop environment is totally customizable and upgradeable. If needed, you can buy and integrate additional Microsoft Office Software programs with your database without worrying about installing software.
  • Compatibility with Smartphones, MacBook and other Tablets

  • With Apps4Rent’s Virtual Desktop, you can access your Access Database from any Smartphones and tablets.
  • Backup

  • We provide daily data backup on a protected network in a SAS 70 certified data center.
  • Compatible with VBA Code.

  • Unlimited Access Databases.